Jan 20, 2017

Five on Friday- Fun Finds

1. Estate Sale Goodies

Have I infected y'all with the estate sale bug yet?  I went to a wonderful one last week. I wanted to rip down all the curtains and valances and take them home, but sadly that was not allowed.
 I did nab this beautiful signed watercolor for $15!
 And SIXTEEN full place settings of this everyday china.  For $85!  Now it's time for a dinner party.  Go to https://www.estatesales.net and check out what's happening in your local.  It's so addictive.  I love a good treasure hunt!

2.  Marsala Sauce

Last night I made this sauce- double the mushroom. Easy and delicious!  It was so good served over leftover pork tenderloin, along with spinach and parslied angel hair pasta.  I'm thinking of making a big batch for the freezer- perfect to serve over pork or chicken!

3.  Bubbly Mask

 My bank account had the misfortune of me having to do a solo target run after the kids were down earlier this week.  I snagged this mask, and it is awesome!  It fizzes up, so you have about an inch of bubbles on your face.  Tingly bubbles!  I have no clue whether it did anything, but it certainly was a lovely addition to my nightly hot bath.

4.  Sleep Water

I've been having a tough time going to be early enough.  I know Tommy is going to wake up at some point, but I start reading, or cleaning, or various other task that aren't sleeping.  This water knocks me out!  I fear that it is awful for me, because I love it!  It's magical.
Solid sleep without being too groggy to feed him at 4 o'clock in the morning?  Miraculous.

5.  The Greenbrier-
Check out this week's post about the Greenbrier.  I'm ready to go back tomorrow!
So thank you to the Five on Friday gals! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Just popping in from the link up. Hubby and I both love a good estate sale. Love the china you found! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


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