Jan 12, 2010

Weekend Gallimaufy*

So the Elvis Birthday Celebration was fun- although I was disappointed not to rock my leopard print wrap dress- Hubs took one look at me, stated that it was 18 degrees, icy and I need to wear shoes with traction, and clothing with warmth properties.  Common sense triumphed over my desire to emulate Priscilla Presley.  Just this once though.

Ak managed to combine both Elvis style and warmth by sporting her fur (which I will definitely be doing for the wedding we are attending in Nashville this weekend- apparently you have to walk outside to reach the bathrooms).

Saturday, I decided to enjoy the cold weather and gathered my mom and the pups for a little excursion to a local wildlife refuge with seven miles of trails.  Look at all the snow!

Mama, Dixie and Henry. 

Here's the old homestead of the farm originally on the property before it was donated for a refuge. 

The rest of the weekend was spent curled up with a book and my snuggie, until Hubs appropriated it.  Then it was time for some blackmail pictures of my UT die hard fan husband cuddling up in Georgia apparel.  See the look of fear?  Maybe not.

Also, I want to introduce y'all to a blog two of my best friends from Georgia have recently created- http://affordablefoodie.blogspot.com/  If you need excellent recipes and Atlanta recs and reviews please check them out!



  1. Looks like such a fun weekend!

    p.s. Your hair looks awesome!

  2. Love that farm house - very cool! Sorry my Cats beat your Dawgs last weekend - it was a close one, though!

  3. Aw thanks Faye! ps I love morgs in that snuggie!! That is a framer for sure

  4. oh, so cozy! can i come hang out there? with those dogs? and you?

    i still love those boots and that skirt that you're wearing in the first pic! and your hair is looking great!

  5. Cute pics!! Love pics with puppers and it looks SO cozy and picturesque there! Thanks for the blog rec!!!


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