Feb 23, 2010

Ball Questions Answered

Here's the back of my hair- that whole section on the left is stuffed with a big wad of cotton (like cotton-ball cotton, which my stylist ganked from the nails part of the salon).  She had never done this before, and came up with it on the spur of the moment. You can also see the wad in this picture- please ignore my roots, and posture- I'm loading my evening bag with essentials.

For those who asked about the jewelry, I decided at the last minute that I would regret the funky danglers from Anthropologie, because they didn't really look good with the neckline of the dress. So I raided my grandmother Samma's jewelry to find these beauties.
I thought they would be more suited to my other accessories, since I was wearing my grandmother's South Sea Pearl cocktail ring.
And gold bracelets (which actually might be my Grandmother Faye's- I'm sure Mama will let me know).

On a side note, I am freaking out because (a) the half marathon is in a month and (b) I cannot currently walk.
I have done something to my knee and shins, which have been periodically acting up.  However, this is a whole new world of pain.  I ran 6 miles on Sunday, and was forced to walk the remaining 4 miles home. I was in pain trotting around Target last night.  This is bad. I am icing, wearing compression sleeves, bathing in Epsom salts, and not exercising for a week.  Hopefully that will do it?  Aaarrrghhhhh!

Any tips?


  1. Your hair is so pretty! It turned out great! And I love the jewelry - beautiful ring.

  2. Your jewelry is GORGEOUS! Heirloom pieces are the best!

    I hope your knees and shins feel much better soon... keep icing! My mom had terrible shin pain when we got into our long-distance training for the 3 Day... She diligently iced and ended up being fine!

  3. Love, love, love your jewelry! And you looked beautiful.

  4. I agree with Kate. Heirloom pieces are the best!!!!!! That ring and the pair of earrings are GORGEOUS!!!!

  5. Gorgeous jewelry! So fun that you could wear heirloom pieces (in my family, that does not exist--sad). Regarding the knee and shin pain, keep icing and wear flats if you can (I know, the horror!) but, it takes a lot of pressure off your knees and your calf muscles and really does help. Also, make sure you are stretching your hamstrings and calf muscles enough--they can become tight really easily and then cause all sorts of problems.

    Take the time off, you'll be OK. I know you can do it and taking a week off now to take care of yourself will help you in the race.

  6. I love your jewlery. Do you use a foam roller? If not get one. It will help both your knees and your calves but especially your knees. Use the foam roller then stetch then ice. Definately wear flats and rest. But honestly i can't sing the praises of the foam roller enough it's wonderful.

  7. Sorry no tips for the shins - I am the last person to ask since I loathe running :) But you look gorgeous and love the jewels and puffed up hair!

  8. No running tips but your hair looked awesome!


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