Feb 10, 2010

Childhood Fashion Icons

While perusing my J. Crew catalog the other evening (that travesty is another post altogether- BOLO in next couple days for it), I started thinking about my childhood fashion icons.  Or rather, I suppose in today's parlance, my tween fashion icons.  After moving past Rainbow Brite as my muse, I desired to be the most fashionable 10 year-old in my class, emulating these lovely ladies.


Can I tell you how much I wanted a phone like hers? Covered in junk, it was my dream phone in 4th or 5th grade.  I tried making one like it to no avail.  However, I rocked that look in the top right hand corner, sometimes with 3(!) layers of scrunched socks in various colors.

So fashion forward.

Next up is Blossom (rather more specifically I was into Six- she was much more me). And yes, I wore hats.

The bike shorts- yeah, there were a lot of those in the preteen Spice and Sass closet.

And finally the ultimate-
Lisa Turtle

Yeah, she's short, sassy, and still one of my style icons.  I mean hike up my rehearsal dinner dress about six inches, and it's a Lisa masterpiece-

I was never a Jessie girl for obvious reasons (too many button-ups and strident), nor Kelly (seemed fake nice and selfish, plus has Felicity/Joey Potter syndrome, aka whining about how many boys like you),  Lisa was my girl.  Am I alone?  Who was your Saved By the Bell alter ego?  I won't judge if it's Kelly (pinky swear!), because if you can rock too many boys liking you through your awkward stage, more power to you!

Do you think it's posts like these that make Hubs say my blog is kind of middle-school girlish?


  1. I love this post! I wanted to be just like Clarissa, too (especially that phone)!

    Your rehearsal dinner dress is gorgeous! Is it Oscar? I love it!

  2. My biggest fashion icons were Clarissa and both Blossom girls of course!!! Along with Kelly Taylor and Donna Martin on 90210! They were so pretty and stylish! As a younger girl, I was hugely inspired by Punky Brewster! I probably still have some sunshine ponytail holders around somewhere! hahaha

  3. I can't even respond to the childhood fashion icons, because I am SO in love with the dress you are wearing in your picture with hubs--it is TOO adorable!!

  4. Thanks y'all! My rehearsal dinner dress is Milly- I loved it. I felt like Jackie O. Barbie!

  5. ahh the famous and evasive pink milly dress! i'm swooning. you look beautiful in it :)
    if you ever do a blog sale and need someone to take it off your hands, first dibs!
    xo, ACL

  6. Oh my gosh, Clarissa! And Six! How I loved them.

    Lisa was probably my Saved By The Bell alter ego as well--wouldn't have fit with Jessie or Kelly either. And come on, Lisa was just so witty!

    PS. LOVE your dress!

  7. Haha the Felecity/Joey Potter syndrome made me laugh, so true! I always loved all of Blossom's hats!

  8. I love posts like these - total blast to the past! I was obsessed with Clarissa Explains it all and wanted an amphibian to name Elvis of my own. It didn't happen. I also loved Blossom, but again - because of fast-talking Six and of course Joey. So hot with his flannel shirts around the waist. Lisa was my favorite. She had style and attitude. I liked Kelly, but mostly because we shared th same name. That was a big deal back in the dizay. LOVED THIS POST, and love your rehearsal dinner dress - tres cute!

  9. Sadly, I didn't relate to anyone on SBTB. However, I totally related to Angela of My So-Called Life.

  10. I loved Clarissa Explains it All!!!!!! I loved how the boy would climb up a ladder and come through her window.

    Lisa was my fave too!!!!

    And I loved Kelly from 90210. Actually people say I look like her.

  11. I die...I freaking loved Clarissa...so ahead of her time, i dreamed of her clothes and her room....

  12. So much fun! I never realized I didn't have fashion icons when I was a tween. I will blame this on 1) school uniforms and 2) my mom (naturally!) for not letting me watch any cool TV or wear any cool clothes. Jealous of the hats!

  13. So much fun! I never realized until just now that I didn't have fashion icons when I was a tween. I will blame this on 1) school uniforms and 2) my mom (naturally!) for not letting me watch any cool TV or wear any cool clothes. Jealous of the hats!

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  15. What a great post! I grew up loving all three of these shows! But I must admit, I was a Kelly fan :) Was I like her? No way, but I loved her :)

  16. You know I love that Milly dress too...XXOO


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