Sep 20, 2010

Football and Hunger Games

First, a brief pictorial history of our Saturday.  Tailgating with Smokey.
My patent orange loafers in the stadium.  Note to self, orange plastic shoes do not breathe when it is about 90 degrees outside.

Shelby cheering hard.
The full stadium.

And defeat consolation at our localing watering hole.  Ha- can you see how much Hubs wanted his picture taken here?  I just couldn't help it.  Personally, I'm okay with the loss for the Big Orange to Florida.  They played hard, and they are a rookie team with a rookie coach.  Someone was complaining that we are "amateurs".  Uh, well yeah.  That is the definition of a non-professional team.  (Aren't literal lawyers, like myself so fun to be around?)

Anyway, I was more depressed about the Dawgs.  So depressed that I am I going to leave it at that.  Sigh.

So I know a bunch of y'all on the interwebs are reading The Hunger Games.  I listened to your advice and started reading.  Once I realized that the protagonist is from Appalachia I was hooked.  I have this weird thing about things set in the future.  I refuse to see any movies about space, aliens or post apocalyptic worlds.  However, my initial reluctance vanished once I got into it.  Just started the second one last night. 
If anyone wants to discuss, please feel free!

How was your weekend?


  1. great pics! hehe I can see how they wouldn't breathe! Nice attitude about the loss - yes, dawgs fan took theirs hard. We won but barely...

    LOVED Hunger Games - can't wait to read the third. I fly through them - so addicting!

  2. i JUST finished mockingjay about 5 minutes ago. i love this series!

    i was really hoping for a TN win. y'all played well. it's just going to take time to get used to a new era, right? :)

    you look adorable! love the shoes!

  3. Loved loved all the Hunger Games books. I disliked the futuristic part too but I got over it.

  4. So sad about the loss but i am on your page about the vols. As for my rebs, we stick to the old saying, "We may not win every game, but we ain't never lost a party!" Obviously made up by an Ole Miss fan to help us deal with the constant defeat! But at Georgia, something that ya'll are not used to:( As for the hunger games, I was convinced you were talking about my attempt at dieting these days not a good book!!! Hehe! You know I admire those who sit and get into a good book. The only good books I am getting into are those that Allie Harris is into-Birdie's big girl shoes, Pinkalicious, anything about princesses... I have REALLY learned a lot! Love and miss you.

  5. I've never been much of a sci-fi girl, but just like my LOST, these books were the exception! I loved each of them so much. I will say, my love dwindled as I read on, but I am still a fan

  6. I'm sory your team lost, but if you are talking about the Dawgs in Seattle I feel you pain too! I was at the game and it was just baadddd. Cute orange shoes though! I am going to start Hunger Games soon, hopefully! Everyone is talking about them!

  7. So beautiful Pic

    Specially Shelby is looking gorgeous with so excited smile, while seeing the football game.


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