Sep 3, 2010

Let's Get to the Good Stuff Shall We?

Check out that menu- I dare you not to drool (unless of course, you do not like Indian food, hmmmpphh).  After some post-ceremony lunch napping, we put on our usual duds, and got ready to party!  Thank goodness I went back for more samosas during the cocktail hour, because there was two hours of MC-ed toasting and speeches before we got to dive in to the above. 

I had to take a picture of Shelley's plate, because, damn girl!  She loves some Indian food.  For the record, my plate was nearly as full.  Casting stones in glass houses, and all that jazz.
I tried to get some good pics of the everyone rocking out to Indian techno (also, known as my new favorite genre of music- itunes better watch it, yo!).  However, the only one that came out was of this adorable little girl who was jamming out!  I loved her, and had to restrain myself from stealing her.  If I could pop out Indian babies (or toddlers with British accents)  I'd probably have a whole herd of kids by now.

Y'all just need to watch this video okay?

Warning- you will cry.  But is is awesome.  So watch it.

Finally- a picture of me, at the crack of dawn Sunday morning, driving a rental car around Michigan, who's seat I cannot lower:

Um yeah, did I mention I'm drinking a Diet Pepsi?  Because NO DIET COKE was to be found in Michigan?  WHY, MICHIGAN?


And Shelley probably shouldn't have taken this picture while I was driving.  

 Do you see how close my head is to the ceiling?? 


  1. I would have been in heaven! I'm a HUGE diet pepsi fan. Love the pics - great menu - wow! I would totally have already had kids if they came out with british accents - LOVE IT! You crack me up.

  2. The images from that wedding are just gorgeous - all of those colors! I LOVE Indian food so I would have been all over that menu. No Diet Coke? What the heck kind of state is that???

  3. How fun! I'd have eaten my body weight in food--I love me some Indian food. And I agree, if I could pop out little ones with British accents, I'd be makin' like the Von Trapps and have a good 6 or 7 kiddos by now. Sigh.

    I can relate to your Diet Coke woes. I'm in Virginia for work right now (hurricane and all) and cannot find a Diet Coke to save my life! What the heck????

  4. Now I must have Indian food... like now... I see a frantic google search in my lunch-time future!

  5. I did cry. They are so beautiful and what a great video memory. There is Diet Coke on the Southwest side of the state where I grew up. You should have tried Vernor's ginger ale. You can't get in anywhere else BUT Michigan and it is spicy delicious.

  6. OK, now I totally want Indian food. Love the blech Pepsi face!

  7. That video is amazing! What a stunning couple and beautiful wedding. :)


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