Sep 14, 2010

It's Raining Men!

Too bad for all my single ladies that all these men are under the age of one!  We threw another baby shower for Miss Leighann on Saturday before the football game.  Like the rest of the baby boom here in Knoxville, she is having a boy.

Just like these three ladies just did-

And two more gals at the shower were close to birthing right there on the spot.

MOH and I were thinking more football than babies however-
You had to wear your warm weather orange which involves blue because next weekend that is not allowed.  Someone might mistake you  for a (gasp) Gator!


Anyway, with all these boys (seriously our group of friends has popped out like 6 boys in the past year), I had a chance to completely freak Hubs out (which is always super-fun!).

"Hey Hubs!  You know when we finally get around to having a baby, I think it's going to be a girl.  It's going to be so great, because when she gets older she will have all these darling older boys to date! How fun is that!"





I was then asked kindly to please stop talking about our daughter dating anyone.  Our unborn daughter.  Which I am not even contemplating getting knocked up with anytime soon.  Hmmppphh.

Anyway, I made a ton of asparagus goat cheese quiches for the shower, which were delish.  I'll pass the recipe on tomorrow. mmmkay?

On a completely unrelated not- did anyone watch Gossip Girl last night?
Chuck Bass with a cane???!!!! Be still my beating heart.


  1. So I didn't realize ANOTHER boy was on the way in Knoxville! Poor Bailey is going to have to find some girlfriends! I think y'all should get to work :) Cute shower!!

  2. The shower look adorable! Love the wreath on the door! I tell Travis all the time he and stacy are only going to have the frilliest little girls and he still gets a panicky look every time.

  3. Cute shower! Can't wait for the receipe - sounds delish!

  4. Oh, yes, Chuck Bass with a cane! I am so happy GG is back!

  5. That is TOO FUNNY. I haven't watched last night's GG yet but I recorded it - cannot wait to watch!

  6. No - i don't get to watch it or 90210 until tomorrow! boo! Can't wait though. hehe love the unborn baby talk - we have that talk a lot too and the crickets are definitely around as well! haha

  7. Nah, your plan is brilliant - a girl it is, then!


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