Sep 29, 2010

Y'all Make Me Want to be a Better Woman

First of all, I love that some of you actually considered that I made the slipcovers.  Ha!  If I could sew like that, I would show y'all shit I make all the time! 

The slipcovers are a work of art, made by a slipcover lady.  She has put both her sons through college, and now grad school, by sewing slipcovers.  How cool is that?  If any of you are in the area, and need slipcovers, leave me a comments and I will e-mail you her info.  Warning- she's on a three month waiting list.

Anyhoo, the last time I used a sewing machine was in Home Ec freshman year of high school.  I made a plaid flannel mini-skirt (it was fall of 1995- grunge, baby).  I thought it looked easier than the boxers or Hammer pants (aka "jams") which were the other options.  So sewing covers for these pillows, as simples as they are, will be an experiment.
However, this weekend will be full of projects- painting a hutch for my dining room, sewing pillows, and planting pansies.  Let's see how much actually happens before I get ahead of myself.

The only domestic art I truly feel comfortable with is entertaining.  Cleaning and organizing aren't my thing, but I like to cook and decorate.  Gardening skills are going to grow (hee) now that I have a yard.  How about y'all?


  1. I'm impressed your tackling the pillows yourself! I think that's pretty domestic. I sewed an elephant in Home Ec in 8th grade and the seam down his back split open and an ear fell off. Whoops.

    I'm with you, I can cook and entertain, but after that - nadda. I'm not even good at decorating. I'd love to hire an interior designer to put a finishing touch on my house. I have no eye for the details.

  2. *That should be you're not your, in the first sentence. Hate spelling errors.

  3. I have total confidence in my ability to host guests, scape a perfect table and serve yummy dishes. However, I am in constant fear every time someone is in my home that a closet door will be opened, revealing how truly disorderly I am - or worse, some object will become unlodged from the cram and strike someone in the face! SO with you on not loving to clean + organize!

  4. I need a slipcover lady! I wish I lived in your area, becase she truly did a beautiful job! I'm dying to recover my sofa and loveseat.

    I have a black thumb which totally bums me out--but, I can host a kick booty dinner party and or brunch, so, I figure it evens out. I get everyone tipsy with booze and then no one realizes my lawn is brown and I have no flowers. Genius, right?

  5. Looks fab. I love that you made a mini skirt. Fab!

  6. The slipcovers are beautiful and I can't wait to see your finished throw pillows!

    I'm like you - I love cooking, baking, and artistic projects, but cleaning and organizing is just no fun!

  7. If your pillows go well, maybe we can trade pillows for organizing services?!

  8. I love them! They look great! Can't wait to pass out on that couch!

  9. That is amazing - they're SO pro! The pillows look fab too - heart it!


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