Jan 12, 2011

New Project- (dreams of grandeur and laundry)

So Hubs and I have decided to really redo our laundry-mudroom area.  Earlier we had discussed knocking out the laundry closet, adding some built-ins and leaving the basic room intact.  Well, in what seems to be the normal route of thing, we are now planning on knocking out walls, reorienting the powder room, adding a utility sink, and new floors.

So I present my pictures to Hubs and our contractor. (most are from Southern Living or  My Home Ideas).  They spluttered and laughed- apparently my mudroom ideas will result in the laundry room being the nicest area in the house. 

Well, why not?  Men!

These are what I'm really aiming for- I love the green, and think it could really make stock cabinets look interesting.  The piece on the right is where I would build in my desk organization area (a place to put my mail- what more could a girl ask for??)

Well, maybe a laundry organization island.
I think I would actually like to do laundry if I had this thing. I could iron on top!

Oh, who I am I kidding?  With my propensity for clutter, especially clutter of a clothes related nature, I wouldn't see the top of this thing much.

I still want one though.

And a utility sink.  So I can cut flowers from my (currently dead) garden.

The biggest proponent of this new mudroom?  Buddy Bear, of course!  He thinks that his room should most definitely be the nicest in our house!  After all, he is the dictator in training (I joke with Hubs that when we procreate and have a bunch of blonde kiddos running around, we will stage a blonde coup d'etat, overthrow Hubs as our leader, and Buddy will become our benevolent blonde dictator.  Obviously, Hubs thinks I am insane).

So we are waiting on the estimates, which I am sure will likely nip this in the bud.  Until then I will consult with Buddy and add more things to our mudroom wish list- Viva la Revolution!


  1. Um, I love it!! I too could never get the clutter off the top of the island - but I want it! And I'm alll for a blonde dictator. Viva la blonde!

  2. I say squash the mudroom and build a dream closet!

  3. I love the color consistency; best wishes with the redo!

  4. oh please keep us posted - i'm obsessed with the idea of a lovely, perfect, organized mud room!!

    BTW - doing the popcorn from your idea at a baby shower next weekend!

  5. Buddy the blonde dictator - I love it! And the idea of you with a house full of little blonde babes. Can't wait to see how your laundry/mudroom project turns out!

  6. I love it!! Show them who's boss, Buddy!

    My parents have an amazing laundry/mud room and I loooooooove it, but, I know that I wouldn't keep it very clean and organized.... Sigh...

    I dream of a house with a proper mud room!

  7. So cute Samma! Our last house had a pretty nice mudroom and it became both my most favorite and least favorite room in the house. It was my most favorite because I could throw all the stuff I didn't know how or want to deal with at the moment in there, and my least favorite when it got so bad I finally had to clean it up! But I will probably find a way to do that no matter where we live . . .

  8. I would LOVE a mudroom someday. My MIL even has a shower in hers, perfect for the dogs or a smelly husband.
    I wanted to let you know since your blog is so stinkin' fun I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award on my blog www.smoochesluvs.blogspot.com ENJOY!

  9. Gorgeous pictures! Love the green cabinets! I'd kill to have granite countertops (hell, any countertops) in the laundry room for folding. And a utility sink? Shut the front door. A girl can dream right!

  10. Wow - that made my Monday!! Buddy the dictator bossing all of your toe-headed chillin's (and you and Morgs) around. Thanks Samma!!!

  11. This is so beautiful! You really thought of everything!


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