Jan 5, 2011

Starting 2011 in Shambles

 I have plenty to report on with the party- it was a hit (even though my potatoes were underdone).  However, in the resulting mess, my house looks like above.  It has slowly been put to rights, although my living room furniture is still scattered about the house.

Image from A Charmed Wife.

Resolution- be more of a cleaner, and don't procrastinate.  Oh, and I gave up Chick-fil-a yesterday.  Until my brother's wedding, (except on road trips).

I firmly believe that now I will magically lose five pounds before appearing in Kingsley's wedding.


  1. Giving up Chick? You are a strong woman!

    Glad the party was a success!


  2. But the SPICY CHICKEN BISCUIT comes out this week!!! My fatkid self even made a reservation online to get a free one friday :)


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