Jan 28, 2011

An Entirely New Closet

I'm having one of those times when you stare at your closet, sigh repeatedly, and wish you could turn it all in and start over.  Wouldn't that be neat?  If you could get equal credit and constantly recycle your clothes?  Stores and clothing manufacturers are shaking their heads in disgust at me right now. 

It's one of those times when I wish Stacey and Clinton would pop up, show me unflattering footage of my behind, then present me with some rules and $5,000 to buy some clothes.  I adore all of Stacey London's clothes, so I think we would have a lovely time shopping and gossiping about her days at Vogue.

However, I think I have cute style, and Hubs assures me that my behind looks good, so I don't think that WNTW is going to come knocking (although, I'm sure some of you disagree- if so feel free to nominate me!).

So, if I wasn't on a spending freeze, I would pop over to ModCloth and revamp my wardrobe with these dresses-

This one is a perfect winter dress- tweed to balance out the short sleeves and mini length, but flair!  Winter does not have enough flair opportunities.  Bundling weighs down flair.

Back tights and flats for a night out, or bare legs and heels to dress it up.  It would be ideal for Kinger's engagement party this weekend. 

Next up is the Opera which is Valentine's weekend.  Probably the last time I could get away with velvet for the season, but I am in love with this dress.  Red, full skirted, patterned and a touch of gold?  Pretty much right in my wheelhouse.

This one is even more versatile, as it could transition into spring and summer quite nicely.  I do have several rehearsal dinners coming up. . . .with my favorite gold peep toes?  My charm bracelet? It would be darling!  I love the pleats above the tummy- enables me to eat away. . .always a crucial factor when one is toasting and imbibing for long periods.*

Oh, and this one for Cotillion in March.  This sequin number-sigh.  I love it.  It's on sale!  But spending freeze.  Perfect for black tie where most people wear long dresses though.  Short but very formal.  Oh, it's so sparkly with that early 60's silhouette I just adore.

 I think I could rock that silhouette at work too, in this number.  Simple yet fun to wear.

*hubs is baffled when I present dress selections with the caveat that "I can eat in this one".  He insists that one meal does not immediately show in your stomach.  Obviously, men have different stomachs, or he is delusional.  Right ladies?

So there are my reasonably priced choices.  Now, if y'all have any desire to buy me this dress still, I will gladly take it, and wear it to any and all of the above events I can.


  1. I totally get what you mean about being able to eat in a dress!!

  2. I love these!! Have you ever ordered from ModCloth? I see so many dresses over there that I love (you and I appreciate similar shapes and lines in dresses, which they have in abundance), but I've never gone for any of them.

  3. I think you found the Holy Grail of Sequined Attire. Every single sequined dress I try on makes me look HUGE b/c they are all cut so close to the body - no one needs reflectors on their hips! This is GORGEOUS!

    Also... I've seriously considered shlepping around in sweatpants and slingbacks with socks for a couple of weeks while a friend films me and then turns me in to WNTW. Scam of the century? Perhaps. But I'd be paling around with S & C in no time!

  4. I too visited Modcloth today.
    It made me long for a few thousand dollars to just start over. I think about what clothes I would keep because I love them so much and I realized that I would only keep half of my wardrobe. Hmmmm????? Perhaps I should blog about this.

  5. My husband doesn't understand the eating dresses vs not eating dresses concept either. I even made sure my wedding dress would allow for eating. We were having delicious food and there was no way I wasn't going to enjoy it!

  6. All of the dresses are great but my favorite is the first red one. Gorgeous!

  7. Oh my goodness, you and I are style twins! I LOVE these dresses! I could live in dresses 24/7 and I agree - not enough flair in the winter! I'm dying to come up with some elaborate plan for Valentine's Day now so I can order that red velvet dress. GAH!

  8. swoon! these are all gorgeous! and other than the first shift, they all flatter my body type-- or my non-prego body type! :) love them! gah!

  9. Modcloth is my crack. All those are just so pretty and so you! Love.

    Spending freezes suck, don't they? I'm on a self imposed "no more clothes" spending free myself. Boo.

  10. Love it! These are so you too with the fabric and those little belts!! You must get some ASAP!

  11. I love the cut and style of all of these dresses - very Audrey Hepburn!


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