Jan 27, 2011

Running to Eggs

On Top Chef Allstars the other night (are y'all watching?- it's Fab-io, get it? hee.), Anthony Bourdain remarked you could put a runny egg on just about anything, and he would enjoy it.  Hubs likes his eggs scrambled to the consistent of dried peas   cooked to death   well done.  I, on the other hand, prefer a fluffy moist cloud of buttery yellow deliciousness.  And fried eggs?  Once I discovered the joy that is sopping up runny egg yolk with the remains of a biscuit, well, I was a goner.  True freedom came when I learned to make eggs by myself- the first food I can remember making without assistance.

Now, with all these creamy vegetable soups, something with a little protein, and a some light crisp is necessary.  A grilled cheese is classic, but I'm out of bread, and needed to get some extra veggies in.  Staring at my fridge this afternoon, I pondered.  Determined to clean out my fridge- I've got a lot of soup in there thanks to Soup Week, I stared and pondered some more.

Then thought of Anthony Bourdain.

Mixed greens topped with a scant spoonful of this wonderful dressing, which tastes homemade, and is ideal to keep in your fridge for lazy or time-pressed moments.  Two gently cooked eggs, yolks perfectly runny (low heat is key, patience, darling, patience), a touch of salt and pepper (always salt your dressed salad green which a touch of sea-salt or kosher).  The egg yolk mixes with the vinegar of the dressing- the same blend of creaminess and acidity which forms hollandaise and mayonnaise.  A deconstructed white sauce, without a profusion of oil or butter- perfect for those with mayo-phobia.

And I felt so elegant, having my tomato bisque and salad with eggs- like a lady who lunches in a chic bistro.  Of course, I was sitting at my old heart pine kitchen table, reading a trashy novel, with a furry blonde Buddy at my feet.   With this simple salad though, my suit became more stylish, my messy bun effortless elegance, and my glass of seltzer a wonderful champagne cocktail.

Perhaps eggs are good for your imagination?


  1. That looks (and sounds) so chic! Like something you'd have in a bistro in Paris.

    Eggs were the first thing I learned to cook on my own--I remember making scrambled eggs for myself for breakfast in grade school and feeling so superior to my classmates that I didn't have Lucky Charms or something for breakfast, but instead, a grown up meal.... Um, yes, I was a dramatic child...

    I would have to agree that eggs are good for your imagination.

  2. Eggs totally creep me out like big time. BUT I love to make them. Weird.

  3. ps not for me to eat (ick) but for my husband!

  4. You are so chic! That looks so good!

  5. A runny egg over a salad is truly one of life's simplest and most delicious pleasures. Mmmm... now I want one.

  6. Considering recent Soup Week (!), this is the PERFECT time to share my very favorite way to eat that last little bit of soup left over from a great big ol' pot... Fry up an egg, and plop it right down in the middle of those 5 or 6 last spoonfuls... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM so good.

    My dad tried this trick with Maggie's Cashew Chicken Chili and had to call me with his mouthful to tell me how heavenly it was.

    The man loves a fried egg. And I am my father's daughter.

  7. Well you know how I feel about the whole egg situation. But I am in love with the Garlic Expressions dressing. I think I had it for the first time at your rents house at your Mardi Gras party and I havent used anything since.

  8. Ugh. M likes his eggs super cooked and scrambled into tiny little pieces. I like mine in big yellowy chunks. Speaking of fried eggs, when living in San Francisco I developed an obsession with fried eggs on pizza. Delicious!

  9. yum I love eggs. and I love Top Chef. sounds like a delicious lunch.


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