Feb 8, 2011

The Highlight of My Weekend

I had a lovely weekend jam packed with volunteer work and events. Some dear friends were nice enough to include us in their box for the basketball game Saturday, enabling me to spend the majority of the game talking to Liz.  Sadly, my focus was not on the game, although the halftime show managed to fully engage my attention.

Multitudes of children!

On Unicycles!
They are jumping rope ON UNICYCLES!  I can't even jump rope on my feet.  I informed Hubs that these children need to be present at my 30th birthday party.  Hmmmm, Skatetown USA is possibly the only venue which can contain their act.  Do they sell beer at the roller rink?

So, after a busy weekend, and a wild Sunday School class consisting of TEN boys and 3 girls, with whom i accidentally incited a Superbowl chanting riot, Hubs and I decided to skip out on Superbowl festivities, and take it easy.  We fell asleep just after Fergie Ferg.  They should have gotten the unicycle children.  I definitely would have stayed awake then.

I am adoring reading all of your answers to my survey!  Keep 'em coming ladies.  I might even make a graph of the results. . .


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Loved hanging with you! I should probably tell you that the unicyclers are busy for your birthday - they'll be at my wedding. Sorry.

  2. WOW - coordinated kiddos!

    I hope they sell beer at the roller rink... hmm?


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