Feb 23, 2011

Sitcom Musings

Hello dear readers!  Do you remember me?  Vaguely?

I've been suffering from a case of the flu, which led to a dire case of computer phobia.  I think I am suffering from exhaustion, and not in the fun Lindsey Lohan, I have spent a week at the Château Marmont partying like it's the seventies and I am every member of Led Zeppelin way.

Nope, more in a "I am so excited for all these social and volunteer events I have going on, I just wish that I could lay on the couch and read a book" exhaustion.

So less sex, drugs and rock and roll, and more showers, opera and Junior League.

I am getting old. 

Anyway, once fully recovered from the flu to move myself to couch from my bed, (while being nursed by a very attentive Buddy Bear, naturally), I caught up on some favorite sitcoms which led me to a few revelations.

Namely, I still want my marriage/family life to emulate the Cosby Show.  When Hubs starts eating meatball subs at odd hours, and putting on jazz while wiggling his eyebrows in a suggestive manner, I'll know we are on the right track.  If our future children put on shows for my parents involving lip syncing to Ray Charles. . .well, my life will pretty much be complete.

Rue McLanahan celebrated a birthday this week.  I have always wanted to be Blanche, but I am suuucch a Rose.  Sigh.

Finally, why they can't they reboot something good like Designing Women.  I mean don't pull a Bev Hills New Sauce, but give me a show about Southern women, why don't you?  Yes,  I am in a fly-over state.  I don't live in California or NYC, and occasionally would like to see something where I am!  (Florida doesn't count).  I think Mary Kay Andrews books would make a darling sitcom!  Let's get on it please!

Speaking of opera and television, I was tickled to death to note on Monday that Blair was scheming to get on the opera board. . . now if I could just have her wardrobe.


  1. How cute are you, seriously?! I've been under the weather myself too. Fighting a cough from hell that made me sound like a pack a day smoker. Ick.

    I used to put on "shows" for my parents all.the.time as a kiddo--I can only hope my future children are just as shameless as me! Ha!

  2. Welcome back! You were missed! Glad you're feeling better. I love catching reruns of The Golden Girls but I don't think I've seen an episode of The Cosby Show or Designing Women in years. Love the Cosbys and the Sugarbaker women! Growing Pains and Family Ties are a few of my other old favorites.

  3. Feel better!! Love your dress in the pic. I can just see your cosby children singing and dancing. Man that was a good show!

  4. i've been wanting a mary kay andrews sitcom or movie for a while now. i'm with you, bring back designing women!

  5. I agree! I would love a sitcom based on Mary Kay Andrews books!

  6. The Cosby Show remains my gold standard for family, TV or otherwise. :) As a kid, I believed Cliff and Clair were actually married--how could they NOT be? I've seen every episode of the Golden Girls at least twice, and loved loved loved Designing Women. No one tirades like Julia Sugarbaker!

  7. I wish lifetime would bring back the reruns of designing women.

  8. I miss the old girlie sitcoms. Golden Girls, Mary Tyler Moore, Laverne and Shirley, Designing Women....sigh!
    Those were the good days!


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