Feb 1, 2011

Missing Things

1.  I saw a specialist last week about an unrelated medical issue.  Turns out I have a previously undiagnosed birth defect, and possibly only have one kidney.  Is that not bizarre?  I blame the vast quantities of spicy garlic cheese dip my mama consumed in my first trimester.

2.  Now this sounds hypocritical after my recent 7-9 veggie non-diet post, but I'm about to have to do a little dieting.  Prepare for some crankiness.  I do have several weddings coming up, and we all know that bridesmaid dresses are generally not the most flattering of garments.  I'm tempted to do Kate Middleton's diet, which sounds absolutely insane, and involves an "attack phase' of three days of protein.

3.  Well, it's a good thing I didn't break my spending freeze to purchase that breathtaking sequin number for Cotillion.  I just ran through some things, and won't be able to go.  I'm super super disappointed, but my Junior League event is that weekend.  I was going to try and do both, but there is really no way I can sneak out, don black tie, party until the wee hours, then wake back up at six and work my tail off.  Now repeating my mantra "you are being a mature person, you cannot do it all, there will be other cotillions" to stave off disappointed I-love-seeing-Hubs-in-a-tux-tears.

4.  We just got back from Gainesville, GA for a delightful engagement party (pics to follow).  In the next couple months I'll be heading to Atlanta for another engagement party, Dallas for a wedding, Italy for 10 days with my family, Athens for a wedding (Georgia not Greece), Reynolds Plantation for a wedding, and then back to Athens for a weddings.  Based on this schedule I'm going to have to sadly decline intermittent bachelorette parties in New Smyrna, New Orleans and Atlanta (I love you Kinger, Miss Purvis and Em- I just can't do it!)  Repeat mantra "you are being a mature person, you cannot do it all".

 So, I am missing:
1) 1 kidney
2) 1 Cotillion
3) 3 bachelorettes
4) and hopefully a few pounds to trim up for wedding season.

What are y'all missing lately?


  1. What in the world, Samma Faye?! That's nuts. This is one of those rare 'wish I still lived in Dallas' moments, by the way... are you sure you don't have a wedding in DC to attend?

  2. Ooh. When will you be in Dallas??

  3. no body parts...well i take that back, i am missing my ta ta's ever since giving birth to my second amazing daughter. And though i love her, i would also love my ta ta's back! Ha! And I am missing my spf 40 glytone face moisturizer and it is REALLY starting to make me mad!!! Ugh!!

    Love you and I hate the mature, i can't do everything but really wish i could decisions. I always feel as if i am letting someone down, but when i try to do it all and then some is when i am actually letting people down because i am not completely myself:)

  4. Um wow. My Dad only has one kidney!
    My mother is constantly telling me that you can't do it all, and if you tried it, it wouldn't be as fun as you wanted it to be. You are a busy gal!

  5. you've got a LOT going on! i'm missing 1 bachelorette when baby #2 will be about 4 weeks old. i'm okay with it now.

    but i did commit to chairing the decorations committee for the JL holiday market for 2011. what was i thinking?

  6. I just had to skip a big fancy wedding back home and was so bummed I moped around the house. Then a little sense set in & you're right. Can't do it all! Hope you're feeling ok

  7. Missing a kidney? Crazy!

    I'm missing the sunshine! It's been snowing and sleeting here for over 24 hours and I'm SO over it! I want summer!

  8. Missing a kidney really is crazy! Wow - now I wonder what i'm missing!! I HATE to miss BPs. So far I know i'm missing a baby shower next weekend, missed a bachelorette party this past weekend - boo, and I think that's it so far!

  9. oh my gosh how could you be missing a kidney all this time and never know?! that is crazy. I hope you will continue to be fabulous with just one!

  10. Samma, you crack me up! I'm sorry about your missing kidney, Cotillion and bachelorettes. But a few weddings, engagement parties and a trip to Italy (!!!), sounds like so much fun to be had! I'm looking forward to recaps of all the festivities.

    Me, I'm missing wine. Oh how I'm missing wine. Come back, wine!


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