Feb 24, 2011

Looking Forward To. . .

In addition to all the bridesmaid-ing I have coming up, the thoughts of the following things are getting me through the impending doom that is my Junior League rummage sale next week. A rummage sale which I am on the committee for, which has over 5,000 people come each year.  For which I will be working at from 6 AM before work, on my lunch break, until 9 at night from next Wednesday on.  Shudder.

Anyhoo,  the good stuff-
First up, a thirtieth birthday party for MOH!  Hurrah!  It's at my home, so I will actually be back in the kitchen with tons of recipes for fun apps for y'all (I have been on a draconian diet lately, which explains my lack of cooking).  We're having dinner and guest list planning session Friday night, replete with a lot of wine.  Take me right back to high school college.

A trip to Dallas to see Baber tie the knot with these lovely ladies (from Anner's tacky ski party earlier this winter), plus Hess as well.   I never get to have enough time with my dearest friends from college, but a girls weekend will help satisfy my "a-master" friend deficit greatly.

Ha, I'm dying laughing at these pics.  I haven't been to Italy since backpacking around with AK and Abby Dids when we were 19.  Ha, I can't believe we made it out of Europe in one piece.  Well, it was a much chunkier piece than when we arrived, but we did.

So Florence with the fam, 10 days, side trips for the "kids" to Cinque Terre and Venice?  Yep, I'm pretty excited. . . what am I going to pack?  I'm thinking some circle skirts, black cigarette pants, and a cute trench coat.  Hmmm, wonder where this vision is coming from . . .

Then upon my return, it's shower central!

First up, a round the clock at my house for Em, my future SIL, and an engagement party.

The next day will be hopefully the greatest shower of all for Peg.  This gorgeous lady is having TRIPLETS!  I am over the moon, and so excited to throw this shower (along with a bevy of beauties also hosting), because not only is it for three precious little babies, she is having three girls!  I squee every time I think about it.
So instead of hyperventilating about the fact that I don't have a spare minute until June, I'm celebrating all the fun that is coming!  Although, there's probably still some panic attacks to come.


  1. I love your dress in the first picture. Looks like you have a lot of fun stuff coming up!

  2. Samma!! Those pics bring back so many memories from our Eupropa trip! Love them and thank you so much for sharing! You have so many fun things to look forward to and they will all be exciting. The pic of bro and SIL is gorgeous:) Speaking of gorgeous Margaret and Hunter's baby girls will be just that! There is no way around it, it's in their DNA! Keep them in my prayers! Love and miss you so much Stamina...

  3. Oh so much goodness. Florence, triplets, cheesy ski goodness. Good, good times. Have a blast.

  4. Ahhhhh Samma you have so much going on! We just have to get through next week, well mainly you. I next week flies by fasssst. Thanks again so very much hosting and planning my party. Love you

  5. triplets. OMG

    Love your whirlwind life - and can't wait for pics - bring on the adorable circle skirts and cigarette pants!!!

  6. I'm having a panic attack for you! Ahhh! But I have no doubt that you'll pull it all off - and fabulously.

  7. Agh! Samma! You are too sweet :) No worries about next week! We will get through it- and have fun too! I promise. I will be there to help ya. love you (how exciting, my first comment!!)


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