Oct 3, 2011

Broken Planes, Skeeters and No-see-ums

I got eaten up down in Amelia Island this weekend for this lovely lady's wedding-
(Juhi, I ganked some pictures from your FB, as I was typically too busy yakking to take any!).  Annie and Blanton's wedding was beautiful, relaxed, and a wonderful time.  I got a last gasp of summer sunshine and bugs, and was delighted to visit with college friends and law school friends all in one place.
Shelley has her eyes closed in this one, but it highlights my difficulty dressing my growing midsection.  I was a greeter, and was hopeful that all the guests realized that I am not terrible at dressing my figure, but instead knocked up.

The rehearsal dinner was one of the first times during my nine months of sobriety that I honestly wanted to dive into an entire bottle of wine.  This is Delta's fault, not the bride or groom's.

We arose at the crack of dawn Friday morning to make a 7:30 flight, which took us to Atlanta, then Jacksonville, then a shuttle to Amelia.  I dressed carefully, as I planned on getting dropped off at the bridesmaid's luncheon, while Hubs took our bags on the hotel.

This did not occur.

After sitting on the runway for about an hour, it became clear we would not be making our flight to Jacksonville. I let the bride know I would not be attending the luncheon, but was still hopeful about a little time to walk on the beach and relax.

That did not occur either.

Our plane was unable to be fixed, and they finally let us off the malfunctioning aircraft.  There was a mad rush to the help counters resulting in more waiting around.  Our town has a small airport.  We fly to Atlanta to go anywhere.  This is a Friday on a weekend with a minor football game.  As you might guess, there are absolutely no seats to Atlanta on any airlines.  At this point, I am starting to get a bit nervous, and there is talk about getting us to Jacksonville on Saturday, just in time for the wedding. 

Then, a new idea was presented!  Riding to Atlanta on a shuttle provided by Delta!


Shuttle= cab= rattly mini-van.

I am still in shock that I took a cab the three and a half hours from the Knoxville airport to Atlanta airport.  Hubs shouldered the brunt of urging out driver, Skip, who was great, to step on it, while I napped.  We rushed through the airport at 2:30 to make the 3:00 flight.

I might have looked rather rough, but we were only about an hour late to the rehearsal dinner, simply missing the cocktail hour.  A cocktail would have been quite delightful, but some deep breathing, old friends, and delicious food helped ease my stress level.

The wedding was such a joyous occasion, and the happiness of seeing these two friends tie the knot was well worth any crazy cab rides and a host of mosquito bites!  Congratulations Blannie!  Love you much!


  1. You look fabulous!! That green dress looked great on you. And the bride...I absolutely love her dress!

  2. I think you look great I love that green color and OMG at the bride's lace dress it is TDF


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