Oct 27, 2011

Comfort on Tap

I recently read that the consumption of dark chocolate helps counteract the negative effects of stress on a fetus.  So, I began this morning with a big plate of fluffy buttery scrambled eggs, a cup of dark hot chocolate, and a cheesy mystery novel.  Breakfast was eaten in bed, and the baby kicked with delight.

Tuesday night worries were soothed with a warm bath and the new issue of Southern Living.  It is amazing how the simplest pleasures give such relief.

However, I have saved the biggest cheer-me-up/stress relief for last.  While perusing Target's aisles with Hubs, we happened upon dog costumes.  Hubs laughed as my eyes grew wide with excitement as I flipped through the racks- envisioning Buddy chasing his backyard squirrels while wearing a squirrel costume! I mean, that would be probably one of the most delightful things to witness ever.  Unfortunately, the costume selection for golden retrievers (70 pounds=XXL) ran woefully slim.

My little pumpkin!  Putting this hat on was a two person operation.  My role was petting Buddy (and trying not to wet my pants, as I was laughing so hard), while Hubs manfully struggled a squirming dog into a pumpkin hat.

The next step was the pumpkin collar.  I had to wait until Buddy's valiant efforts to remove the hat subsided- then I attacked him with a velcro mess of tulle and fleecy material.  He protested that he is a boy, but it was to no avail.  Finally he acquiesced, but wouldn't look at me for the rest of the night.

"When the hell is that baby going to get here, so I no longer have to suffer this type of indignity?"

So, in summary, when I need a pick me up and can't guzzle down some wine- hide all dog costumes.  Buddy begs you!


  1. Too cute! I saw the dog costumes at Target as well and thought they were hilarious. Glad to see you are doing well - enjoy plenty of chocolate!

  2. just so glad they've figured out what's going on and they'll be taking good care of you!! laughter makes everything better and oh the dogs--they know just what to do to get you out of a funk ;)

  3. New follower. Love your blog, sweetheart!

  4. costumes on pets are an instant mood booster. i do it all the time. i bought the cat an elf costume two christmases ago that almost cost me my life. i'll stick with dressing up the dogs ;)


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