Oct 16, 2011

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Buddy and I listened to the Tennessee- LSU game on the radio, while bidding an official adieu to summer.

Goodbye wild and crazy zinnias.

Hello Mums and Pansies! 

I dug the scraggly half-dead geraniums out of the window boxes, and planted Plenti-fall Pansies instead.  Have any of y'all tried these before?  They are allegedly going to start trailing soon.  However, I suspect that an important  component of the promised growth will be steady and frequent watering of said flower boxes.  I have written myself imploring notes from the pansies to encourage watering and posted said notes in strategic locations to discourage their demise.  We'll see if it works.
It was a sweaty and satisfying first half (well, in the yard more than on the field). 

Do y'all prefer listening to the game on the radio, or watching on the TV?  I'm a radio girl myself- it's actually easier for me to concentrate on the play action that way.  This is probably my favorite way to spend a sunny fall afternoon- elbow deep in dirt, listening to a good game with my favorite furry companion.

Of course, this might be due the fact that tailgating ain't quite as much fun as it was six months ago- amazing what a cold beer or two does for your tailgating experience!


  1. Your dog is ridiculously cute! I remember way back when you posted about how badly you wanted a pup and look at the cutie you have now? And I can't wait to see your next family addition!

  2. buddy is adorable! fellow knoxvillian here- gota love our vols even though... I turn TV off a lot of times and go with the radio too :)


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