Oct 5, 2011


1.  I really don't like Coldplay.  I think all of their songs sound the exact same.  Not a Pink Floyd fan either.

2.  In the embarrassingly bad television category, I really dig this Hart of Dixie show.  Especially shameful since one of the character wore a little straw hat with some flowers on it inside last episode, like it was 1961.  Attention non-Southerners, we do not dress like the movie The Help! And, I still like the show.  Sigh.

3.  I have long conversations with Buddy, replete with me answering myself in Buddy's "voice".  This is either  a sign of 1) Hubs is out of town for work too much, 2) I am losing my mind or, the option which I am leaning toward, 3) I have telepathic powers when it comes to this furry creature.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. i fell the same dang way about that show! I cant believe i like it, they have some horrid accents & portray us to be hicks...but i really like it! Chalk it up to my terrible taste in movies & tv! Happy hump day!

  2. I also hate Coldplay, and I have "voices" for Max and Sophie. So, you're not alone.

    As for dressing like the cast of The Help, I'm all for bringing that back... ;)

  3. So I'm a new reader. Love the blog, congrats on the little one and I must also confess to all 3. I hate Coldplay and just don't get. Hate to admit it but I love Hart of Dixie, it's been added to my weekly dvr list. I love Rachel, but arn't her shorts a little short...perhaps I'm just getting old? Every night on our walk my pup and I have a good chat.

  4. Um, my dogs and I have full on conversations too. My Ella Mae sounds like Dug from UP and my boxer sounds like King Julian from Madagascar. That should make you feel better ;)

  5. LOL - I think all Coldplay songs sound the same, too!


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