Nov 15, 2011

Georgia Gal Shower

Getting excited about some petit fours over here! So, my Atlanta shower was lovely- the girls completely outdid themselves.  I was thrilled to pieces, and so thankful to have all of these ladies in my life.

Look at those booties!  It's still so strange to me that I am the mama to be- when did I become an adult?  I'm supposed to be laying around on couches watching Supermarket Sweep, eating massive amounts of greasy food in an effort to combat a hangover with these ladies.  Discussing crushes and parties and scheming about fake ids.  Instead we are thirty, and I have a massive belly that has nothing to do with beer.  Time just flies.

Kinger's parents sent up some excellent Dawg gear for the baby- sorry Hubs, but this baby is half Bulldog (and we all know who ends up getting the baby dressed most of the time).
 Look at the tiny baby booties on the petit fours from Henri's!  Too cute to eat (well, almost).

I was so glad that Mama was able to come to the shower (and drive me to Atlanta and back!).  The only thing that marred my day was having to say goodbye to the girls.  There's just never enough time.  Thank you so much to Kara, Kelen, Anna, Margaret, Annie, Jessie, Virge, Anne and Kinger for hosting such a wonderful shower, and thanks to all of you for the gifts and support.

Gah, stupid hormones.  I better sign off before I start tearing up. 


  1. the asos dress looks fab in blue on you...those petit fours sound amazing right about now ;)

  2. Looks so fun. Your dress is adorable and you look great.

  3. How cute!!! I am so glad you had fun!! You look fab.

  4. Aww, looks like such a wonderful party! Love those booties!

  5. Yummmmm Petit Fours! You look fabulous - LOVE the ASOS in blue on you!

  6. Gracious, look at your itty-bitty legs! You are a vision in blue. You may not feel fabulous, but you sure look it.


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