Nov 30, 2011

Snowed Under!

Thankfully there is no actual snow- I believe that this will be the first year of my existence in which I am actively wishing for a clear Christmas season and NO SNOW (oh, and definitely no ice).  Anyway, I have been chugging along- it's our busiest time of year at work, our mudroom renovation is in full swing, and I have been gearing up for the social whirlwind of December.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving sitting at the "kids' table" at Lou and Gaines' family's meal.  Thanks for letting us join y'all!  Side note- although chicken is still extremely distasteful to me, turkey was delicious.

Of course the minute my favorite late fall moment is over, the dash to Christmas begins (cue whining about can't we just enjoy each moment, etc.).  I must get on my high horse for a moment and protest all that "Black Friday" has become.  There were horror stories nationally, involving death and pepper spray, but more telling to me was a quote in the local paper from a woman who went to Target or Kohl's at midnight on Thanksgiving. When asked if she was offended by big retailers opening on Thanksgiving, she stated, "It doesn't offend me because it doesn't affect me. It does affect the employees, but if I can save $10, I can save $10."  I'm not even going to comment, as I am avoiding raising my blood pressure. (BUT PEOPLE ARE SO TACKY!!!!)

Let's see, what else is happening?  I have my big shower here this weekend and am tickled to death!  Then my "adult" shower is in a couple weeks after that- hopefully this nursery will finally come together- I'm feeling woefully behind (especially with all the Braxton Hicks contractions I've been having- little reminders to get moving, so if this baby is as prompt or early as his/her mama, I will be prepared). 

Also coming up?  My family's annual chili extravaganza!  I redesigned the invites this year since there is a new hostess with the mostess that will be wearing some antlers!

Can you decipher my depictions of myself, my SIL and my mama?  (Hint- I no longer have bangs, hee)

So I will be back with mudroom pictures and nursery and showers and recipes,  I pinky swear.  In the meantime, fill me in!  Any good deals gotten on Friday from hell?  Did you run over anyone or mace them into submission?  Or were you like me- comatose from casserole?


  1. How adorable are those invites?! You are just too cute. I agree with you 100% regarding Black Friday, by the way. Hang in there, mama-to-be!

  2. i couldn't agree more about the people on black friday and stores being open on sad that people had to sacrifice THEIR holiday so someone could get a fleece jacket for $5--ridiculous. We ventured to the outlets for a bit on Friday, but didn't rack up too many goodies...Cyber Monday, on the other hand, was WONDERFUL in my book!!

    Can't wait for more uopdates soon lady!

  3. Seriously, could you be any cuter? And when can I expect my invite to the Chili Extravaganza?! I totally want in!

  4. Those invitations are awesome!!! SO cute.

  5. I do like shopping on Friday, but with an 8 month preggo belly didn't venture out this year. Too much turkey for me! I do not like the shops opening on Thursday or at midnight. We're gearing up for our annual holiday party, hope you have a blast, the invites are too cute!


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