Nov 4, 2011

I Hate To Housekeep

So, my beloved friend and housekeeper has moved to the sunnier climes of the Gulf Coast and I am in mourning for my dear friend and my clean house.  Especially because, frankly, right now I can't do shit. (Excuse my language, ladies.  I'm rather frustrated here)

I am a terrible housekeeper anyway, without my current restrictions.  I realize this about myself, and have taken steps to correct it.  (i.e. hiring a housekeeper).  Add in the fact that I can't lift anything, vacuum, be around cleaning chemicals or bleach. . .well, the shower is looking a little, used, and Buddy's hair is everywhere.  It's disgusting. At least the kitchen is clean.  I can keep up with counters and sink.

I hope Mama is not reading this- if so, I'm sorry for announcing my dirty house to the world!  It's probably not as bad as announcing to our cooking class last night that I don't know how to make pie crust because my mama always uses Pillsbury.  Hee.

Anyway, are y'all some of those lucky girls that love to clean?  If so, please e-mail me and I will give you directions to our little stone house- you will always be welcome at my house!


  1. Cleaning doesn't bother me too much but I LOATHE the laundry!

  2. lady, i hear you on the cleaning's just not my forte!! i dont know what i would do without our bi-weekly run ins with our cleaning crew--hope you find a new friend soon!!

  3. Nope, don't love to clean, but love my darling cleaning lady who comes every 2 weeks. When she was out for surgery a few years ago I was lost without her. (Believe me, I didn't grow up with a cleaning lady - Mom put us to work. But, this is a luxury I can now indulge in and I do it gladly!) Hope you find someone soon.

  4. Haha I hate housekeeping too - we always have a cleaner come - good luck with finding someone new!

  5. I don't like to clean. I like to pick up! But we rely heavily on our housekeeper!

  6. There is no greater joy of being a grown up for me than having a twice-monthly housekeeper. Ok, few greater joys; it's definitely in the top three.

    Also, how fabulous is that book cover -wonder if it's the same Hilary Knight who illustrated "Eloise"?


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