Nov 18, 2011

Third Trimester

Good morning dear hearts!  Thought it was time for some grainy iphone pics to show you how much I am showing (the lady at Dillards might have had a point. . .)

So 29 weeks.  This third trimester thing, well. . .it's a little rough  (I have just been a bundle of joy this pregnancy, right?).  I promise the next time I do this I won't complain as much.  Or at least try not to.

Sex of baby:

Still thinking the bean is a girl.  Mama says I need to quit with the assumptions about the sex of the baby.  Here is where I point out that for me, her and Daddy only had a girl's name picked out, and did not consider the possibility of a boy. 

Size of baby: The says a squash.  This seems like a widely variable comparison.
Total Weight Gained: 23 pounds. Um, so my target goal of 25 pounds gained is not going to happen.
Maternity Clothes: In these pics I am wearing maternity leggings, and normal clothes for the rest of my outfit.  Take that, Saleslady at Dillards!

Movement: Baby does not stop!

Sleep: I still can't get enough.  I just hate that I sleep and sleep and sleep and can't get any energy.
What I miss: My social life and a spray tan!  I am pasty white!  Oh, and smoked salmon.  I really want some smoked salmon in my life.

Cravings: Pineapple- I cannot eat enough.  Oh, and Petros.  I have had a small lite Petro and big unsweet orange tea more times than I can count the last couple of weeks.  Hmmm, those Fritos might be contributing to the poundage I think.
Aversions: Still can't handle chicken. I tried to eat a chicken mini from Chick-fil-a last week.  Sister Schubert roll and chicken nugget?  Shouldn't be an issue, yet I could barely swallow the dang thing.
Symptoms: Emotional and tired, lots of fake contractions and lower back pain.  I freaked out last Friday, as I had been having cramps since Thursday night.  I felt like an idiot when the doctor on call told me they weren't contractions, my tummy just was hurting.  He then proceeded to tell me I was right to come in, as pre-term labor (which I am at major risk for) is "the biggest threat to my baby."  Listen dude, don't use phrases like "biggest threat to my baby" to a very pregnant gal who doesn't feel good. 

However, I have been sure to take their advice and sit with my feet up.

Best Moment This Week: My friend, Ella bringing me homemade chocolate chunk cookies loaded with yummy and nutritional stuff like flaxseed.  They are so delicious- especially paired with the milk from a local dairy she left on my stoop.  Thank you dear friend!


  1. congrats on the third trimester...OK so I totally have to admit, I am still spray tanning--I asked the girls where I go and reserached their formula online and it's all organic--I figured if I have to lose my waist and get all the fun pregnancy symptoms, I at least want to have "some color".

    We're totally southern in the way we talk about Sister Schubert's and Chick-Fil-A...haha

  2. You look fantastic! I still maintain that Dillards lady was just a heinous troll. And 23 pounds in the 3rd trimester, I say AWESOME. I gained 23 pounds MORE than I had planned. YIKES. Wonder what that Dillards lady would have said to me. :)

    Hope you're feeling well!

  3. You look amazing, adorable, thin for a preggers lady fo' sho. Love Sister Schubert rolls and so happy they sell them in Maryland. Pineapple is a great digestive so I'm sure that is why you are craving it. Best wishes for the final count down. I love that you have shared this journey with us! xoxo

  4. I am just not sure where that 23 pounds is going, Samma - I demand a recount! I covet your slim legs and dainty arms! Mmmmmm Sister Schubert.

  5. You look terrific, Dillards salesladies be hanged. I'm not just saying this because I have that same darling bracelet (J Crew?).

  6. What a sweet friend! Could she drop some off for me? You look fabulous and you aren't alone in having your 25 pound dreams crushed recently. A healthy baby & mama is more important than some arbitrary weight goal though, right? (I repeat this to myself hourly, when my stomach rumbles and I respond. Gotta do whatcha gotta do!)

  7. I love that you called it the Bean! We called our little girl that from the beginning. :) You look fabulous! And, not even pregnant from the front. That DIllard's woman just wanted to meet her word quota for the day. Hope you can get some energy, but do sleep when you're tired. (Don't worry, I will never tell you to stock up on sleep now. That's the most absurd advice we got. As if!)


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