Nov 10, 2011

Hello Old Friends!

I have been flat on my back since getting back from Atlanta.  When I mentioned to the doctor Tuesday that I was  worn out from riding three hours, attending a shower, shopping, then riding three hours home (where I promptly threw up, oops), she looked at me like I was insane. Apparently, that's more than I should be doing. . .lesson learned, I suppose.

It was totally worth it though.  I can't wait to tell you all about my Atlanta shower thrown by my Georgia girls.  It was wonderful- and I will have photographic evidence of such shortly.  Mama and I drove down and back, since my original plans of spending the weekend in Atlanta weren't really feasible.  Being told to bring my medical records with me while traveling does not ease a worried hormonal mind.

We also hit up some maternity shopping, looking for a red dress to wear to my Knoxville shower and our family's big annual chili party.  Kate has already mentioned this, but why is everything so DRAB?  I already feel like a lump- Lord knows, I don't need to look like one as well!  I ended up ordering one from ASOS, which has been such a wonderful source of inexpensive and relatively normal clothes this pregnancy.  Thank goodness the Brits don't believe in garbing pregnant ladies only in olive green and gray.

So I now have this dress in red and cobalt blue-

Hmmm, that is about it on my end.  Our mudroom renovation is now in full swing- very exciting!  I will have the finished product before the end of the year, so this baby better stay put!


  1. So excited to get this dress (or tunic, as my height would have it) in the mail... ASOS' excellent customer service assures me that it will be here in a matter of days!

    I think the Brits have maternity wear down... Isabel Oliver, ASOS, Boden... all good stuff. And there's that Rosie Pope and her $400 bright purple tunics that I covet but can't quite justify...

    Hope you feel rested soon!

  2. i bought that SAME dress in red...a little darker than i imagined, but the fit is adorable!! can't wait to see baby shower pictures and P.S. take it easy lady ;)

  3. Ooh, you will look so fantastic in this!

    PS: Let's pretend we're attending this together this weekend:


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