Apr 23, 2012

Plumb Tired

Well, I have made it through two weeks.  I'm alive.  Functioning?  Slightly.  However, things are looking up- Dell Harper slept from 7 to 7 Friday night (perhaps noticing I was this close to having a full on nervous breakdown?), and is loving being 12 weeks old!

Sadly, she has revised her seven am wake time to five am the last couple of mornings, but I have hope.  Which is good, as writing legal documents is super fun on four hours of sleep . . .


  1. Samma, I can't believe she is already 12 weeks old!! Time flies these days... Fingers crossed you get more sleep

  2. My son Owen is around the same age (14 weeks on Wednesday) and he randomly sleeps long stretches too and we'll get so excited!! ...only to have him sleep terribly the next day, but I try to rem in myself that this is only a season :) Hope tonight is a good sleep night for you!

    Colleen @ Meet the Sullivans

  3. eek! I hope the sleep schedule is back to normal soon if not already! Cute pic - love those polkas!


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