Apr 9, 2012

I Survived!

The first day back at the office has come and gone.  Dell Harper is in quite good spirits, and I am making it alright. I got a bit sniffly a number of times, but am glad that it's over.  Anticipation, or as my daddy calls it, projecting, is always worse than the actual experience.

I took all of you wise women's advice, and packed my pumping bag, lunch and breakfast, laid out my fancy outfit, and prepared her bottles all the night before.  I sent out a warning e-mail to all the attorneys, instructed my assistant to be my gatekeeper, made a do not disturb sign and pumped at three set times.  It was okay! I made it!

Haha, sleep deprivation leads to a very low bar for what one considers a success.

Success by anyone's terms is coming home to this trio-

  Ha! Dell Harper started fussing the minute I whipped out my phone.  Such drama! My mama is giving an evil chuckle of revenge right now, I am sure.

Anyway, speaking of the fussies, has anyone out there read The Wonder Weeks?

Source: amazon.com via Samma on Pinterest

I just started reading it- so far I really am enjoying it.  Interesting, informative and reassuring!


  1. That a girl! I go back next week. Sad face. I got to squeeze on Baby Griffin last night!! Soo tiny!! I will check out that book!

  2. Sounds like a sucess all around. And it will only get easier!

  3. I am SO going to have to buy this book! So glad the first day back went well my friend... Hilarious seeing her melt down face ;)


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