Apr 26, 2012


Look at that face!  Have you ever seen anything so pitiful in your life?  Miss Priss's Zantac stopped working.  Luckily, her doctor switched her to Prevacid, about which I have heard wonderful things.  Mamas of babies with reflux- I salute you.  I had already forgotten what colicky afternoons and reflux-napping was like.  She has reminded me.

I just hate seeing my smiley little baby screaming bloody murder after she eats, stiff as a board with pain.  I also hate that she is not sleeping well anymore, but that is a whole other ball game.

So I am counting down the days until the new medicine begins to work- we have 5-8 days left.  Oh, did I mention we are taking our first road trip this weekend to see Hubs' fam?  If she keeps on crying, they won't invite her back!

As always, it is a good thing that she is the most adorable baby on the planet.  When she grins at me in the morning, all of those wake ups in the middle of the night are instantly forgiven and forgotten. 


  1. She is just so precious Samma! Love that sweet face. Hope she gets some relief from the medicine soon - and that you get some sleep. xo

  2. Aw, poor thing. I hope that the new meds are just what ya'll have been waiting for. I know everyone is ready for some relief!

  3. I hope the medicine starts working pronto! So sorry for her pain....I'm sure that is just horrible to see!


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