May 16, 2013

Palazzo No?

 So I have been waffling about these pants from Anthropologie for the last couple of weeks.  I love them.  I decide to buy them, finally.
I started envisioning how cool I would look in palazzo pants.  The fact that they are palazzo pants is the reason for the waffle.  However, I started to roll with it.

Now they are sold out.  I am super bummed.  How are y'all feeling about the resurgence of palazzo pants?


  1. I love that pattern! Really fun for summer,

    I loved palazzo pants back in the day! I would totally wear them now if I could find a good pair that way the right length!

  2. Knowing myself, I'd probably trip over them. But I *LIVE* for a funky-patterned pant (I'm wearing navy and white giraffe skin print capris currently) and these are fab. Can you call a store to see if there are any physically in stock?

  3. Ugh I wanted those pants sooooooo badly, but that whole budgeting thing...

    I LOVE THEM. I think palazzo pants get a bad rap, but if you've got the confidence, they look super stylish.

  4. I love those. LOVE those. I am short (5'2") so I don't think I could wear them with a flowy top like the first photo, but I could wear them with a tighter top.

  5. I got some super cute ones at Belk earlier in the season! I love them and the flowy look. Very chic!!! Have a great weekend!!

  6. I think they're super cute! I'm pretty hippy so I don't know that I could pull them off but a skinny minnie like you would look great in them!


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