May 14, 2013


Well, my return from the beach was rather exciting.

1) My Knock Out roses are blooming!

2) Construction began on the addition to the house.  I walked into our bedroom at midnight to find this, which is apparently helping hold up the house as they begin constructing a new roof.

 Which was rather disconcerting, as you can't close the bathroom door.  However, I am thrilled that so much progress was made while I was out of pocket.  The crew could not be nicer, and Buddy and Dell Harper are just loving all the action around these parts.

3) This is the most exciting in my book (Morgan would probably go with construction on our house for his excitement level).  Our family portrait session with AK was finished while I was gone, with a CD of the pictures waiting in my mailbox.  I'm sure y'all will get sick of my outfit in these pictures, because they will be making lots of appearances!

Oh, I just can't stop looking at them- aren't they just gorgeous?  AK did my bridal portraits (although not my wedding, since she was a bridesmaid), and I have not had the opportunity for her to formally take my picture since.  I told Morgan that I wanted this to be an annual Mother's Day gift.  He was rather bemused, as the boy does not like having his picture taken.  Anyway, I guess it's finally time to swap some profile pictures out for something a little more recent- laugh lines and all!

If you are looking for a photographer, AK is amazing.  She even corralled this crew- a feat in itself!

Also, I am so glad to have all my hard work on my containers immortalized.  The bugs got them while I was gone- they still look beautiful, just rather, um, chewed on.  Shaggy pansies and geraniums- thanks unknown bug.


  1. The photos are absolutely amazing! The colors are perfectly vivid, as are your smiles! You can just see the happiness beaming from all of your faces! Happy belated Mother's Day!

  2. Those pictures are SPECTACULAR. Wow, just wow.

    Absolutely love the blue dress you're wearing. So pretty and classic.

  3. Beautiful pictures!! I love when photographers capture "real life" Looking forward to seeing the addition as it unfold!

  4. Ahh my heart is swelling seeing all of these.

    JM and I are doing "engagement pictures" this summer just to get comfortable being around our wedding photographer. Princess Z will 99% be with us then so I'm hoping to get a few 'family' shots in as well!

  5. That last photo - I love it! It is so real, so happy. What a great idea to have those taken yearly as a Mothers Day gift!

    I recently read that orange peels can keep some bugs at bay, so I've begun burying the peels from my orange slices an inch or so below the soil in the pots ... maybe it would work for you, too!

  6. I love these! They are so good.

  7. yall look absolutely STUNNING in the pictures!!!! i bet there will be tons of these hanging around the house very soon...eeekkkk for house reno progress--cannot wait to see the finished product!

    and p.s. the roses look amazing... i bet they smell delish, too

  8. Love the photos! I've been following you for a few years and love watching your family expand. I got a recipe from your blog years ago that was so delish! It was the one with phylo cups.

  9. Your family photos are amazing. Seriously. Love them ALL! And your porch with all those flowers? GORGEOUS.

  10. These photos are wonderful! Your daughter is the spitting image of you - what a doll! And I totally want your front porch - seriously, it's lovely. Good luck with the renovation - I'm sure you are super-excited!

  11. I love these. So natural and she captured that little baby girl in all her adorableness. I think it's totally worth the splurge to go professional - otherwise, I'm never in the picture! So cute.


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