May 6, 2013

Rocking Out Your Run

I don't run. I think it is too boring for words, honestly.  I much prefer the bouncing around to cheesy pop music and shaking my hips.  In other words, I like my exercise to include sexy walking and pelvic thrusting.  However, I'm down at the beach which means no Jazzercise classes, and a lot of public display of my body in a bathing suit.  And a lot of fried oysters.  So, I have to move.

 Blergh, running.  It just seems so tedious to me.  Once I trained for a half-marathon in an attempt to get into running.  I gained five pounds, a serious case of shin splints, and the confirmation that I am not meant to run.  I am meant for ambles.  Strolls down wooded paths.  Not huffing and puffing for hours at a time.


Fried oysters are delicious.   I want to continue to eat them.  So I must sweat a bit.  Enter Rock My Run.  I highly recommend this fun app for your iPhone.

It fulfills my need for a constant stream of bouncy, cheesy music to keep me chugging along.  I run for about one song in three (which actual revs your calorie burn more than straight running).   Oh, and it's free, which makes it even more fun.  I have enjoyed the above three mixes.  I love how the songs are remixed to all run together, and some are sped up to have a good BPM to get you moving.

Dell Harper has no such compunctions about running.  Especially if a gorgeous dog named Tatter is playing with her.

In other news, I was being completely vain, and decided to apply some self tanner, as it has been consistently gloomy here, and I was sick of looking at ghostly legs.  So I made the cardinal mistake of impulsively deciding to use a tan towel before bed.  "Oh, I'll stay up long enough for it to dry",  I thought to myself.  Hmmpph.  I of course, immediately fell asleep, and woke up to zebra legs.
It is far worse in person.

So if you are in the 30a area, and see a girl pushing a stroller, occasionally running for a 2 minute spurt, striped like a tiger, please say hello!  I'm sure I would love a little rest break- I am always looking for a reason to stop and tie my shoes, adjust my iPod, say hello to Dell Harper, pet a dog, talk about the weather, contemplate the view, check my email, think about what I am going to have for dinner and/or catch up with friends.  It really helps cut that 2 minute run down to a thirty second one.

If only fried oysters weren't so delicious. Two decidedly skinny women sat next to me at lunch the other day.  I listened to them bemoan the size of the salad they ordered sans dressing.  They went on and on about how this was going to be their meal of the day, as I munched on my coleslaw and fried oysters. I was bored with their conversation about the salad- I probably would have fallen asleep if I had been eating with them!

So run breaks and oysters it is.


  1. Now, I need that app, I'm not a runner either, but I always wish I loved to run.
    Also, each time I use self tanner, it always ends in a disaster.

  2. Running is so boring to me and always makes me feel worse than when I started. I'm definitely a walker.

  3. I used to run a lot and I loved it very much. That love is gone. I would much rather walk or hike or bike at this point. I want to move, I just don't have to move that fast! :)

  4. Ehrmahgawsh, I just can't stand people who eat peckishly. Even worse they don't have anything else to talk about! I worked with a gal like that once and my boss and I think she was probably horrified when she travelled with us. We pulled over for any and all Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts sightings :)

  5. I can run. I can run for about 0.8 miles. And that workout feels so darn good! Other than that, I'm a walker. AND I couldn't agree more with the "sexy walking and pelvic thrusting" sentence. Now that's my jam.

    Downloading that app as we speak!

    I, too, am driven to exercise by my love for fried foods and anything sauteed in browned butter. Oh, and wine.

  6. Been looking for something just like this. Need to add a little speed to our morning strolls around the neighborhood. Thanks!

  7. I tried the running thing once too. "Just stick with it, you'll catch the runner's high. I promise!" they said. They lied. I did an 8 week runners' program and could not wait for it to end. It's SO BORING. And the self tanner story? Exactly something I'd do. And in fact have done plenty of times with wet nails. And woken up to painted sheets. Sigh.

    Glad you're enjoying the beach and the yummy oysters that come with it!

  8. I feel an unnatural rage whenever I see those 26.2 / 13.1 car decals... They are akin to the Baby on Board stickers. So you run? Um, yay? So you might have a child in your car? Annnnnd...? I might enjoy that app though... I am rather fond of the Slooooowly Jog One Song / Power Walk Two "exercise program" and this would definitely spiff up my iPod!


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