May 9, 2014

Five on Friday- Beach Ready!

I should just title this post "A Bunch of Stuff I Have Bought Recently"

I'm heading down to the Beach Barn with my parents for a couple weeks and was in desperate need of some clothes that fit which don't consist of compression workout capris from Old Navy (I'm not throwing shade, beloved compression pants- you just aren't poolside attire).

1.  New Suit-

Check out my new "bandini"- I'll be wearing it with the halter strap for safety/slippage prevention.  The outer layer and print nicely camouflage my post-baby pooch, and the color is great!  Pleasantly surprised, as I have been dreading bathing suit time.

2.  White Jeans

I loved both pairs which I ordered form Loft last week- and since they were reasonably priced, then 50% off, I decided to keep both. I've gone wild, I tell ya.

First the Modern Straight Cuffed Jean-

These will be my more casual pair.  They fit a little looser, but have the perfect amount of stretch, aren't see-through, and are flattering.

Even more flattering are the Modern Boot Cut Jeans-

These are one of those items that you try on with a sigh of satisfaction- super flattering, the perfect length for flats for me (I'm almost 5' 4" and I ordered petite), and just darling all around.  Plus they were less than $30!

Note- if you want to order anything, I would wait a day or two when Loft inevitably runs a huge sale.

3.  Maxi Dress

I was a little late to the maxi dress party (my legs are generally my thinnest feature, so why hide that light under a bushel?).  I tried this one on while at Sears (it's Land's End), and ended getting it in a stripe and a paisley.  It's soft and comfy- perfect for children chasing while looking cute.  Machine washable, nursing friendly, and hits me at my most narrow point?  My needs are completely met!
Note- if you are tall, definitely order a tall.  I'm short and can wear this with flats without alterations.

4.  Cover Up

Like many of you, I was lusting after that adorable J. Crew cover up with the pom pom trim. but just couldn't justify spending cash on a cover up when I need actual clothes.  Picking up some flip flops at Old Navy, I happened upon this number-

It's even cuter in person, and at 30% off, it was less than $20!

5.  Bag (Big and Little)

Morgan started dying laughing when I opened this up.  He remarked that we could fit Buddy, Dell Harper and Deeds inside.  I primly replied that I have to haul a lot of shit now.  Oh, the days when a single thing of sunscreen and a trashy novel were all I needed.  This will do quite nicely.  Once again, Land's End, on sale.

I need to stop hauling around my ginourmous purse/diaper bag when I go out in the evening.  This clutch from Loft will be just the inducement to do so- isn't it fun?  It will really jazz up all my basic navy.

So my summer wardrobe is now complete.  Thank goodness for online shopping, free shipping and great sales!  My clothes may be a shadow of my formerly super stylish self, but I will look decently cute.  And I will be out of my yoga pants, so you know, baby steps.

I'm linking up with the Five on Friday ladies (and am looking forward to seeing Natasha down at the beach while sporting some of my new gear).


  1. Loving your summer wardrobe! These will all be perfect for your beach time. That cover-up is such a good alternative to the J.Crew one - I might have to stop by Old Navy and pick it up this weekend. I always forget that Sears carries the Lands End clothes, but those maxis are super cute. Have a great beach trip!

  2. Lovin' all these picks! (I'm the same way with Old Navy pants hahaha) Happy Weekend! xoxo

  3. Absolutely love that swimsuit! Have a great weekend!

  4. These are all so cute, and I'm with you - I cannot justify spending J. Crew prices on a swim cover up. I have a cute red & white striped one from the Navy for our beach vacation this August!

  5. Love that suit and those dresses! Hope y'all have a great time at the beach!

  6. That suit is perfect! I love the color and easy fit. You'll feel great in it! And thanks for the tips about the cover-up and maxis!! Have a happy Mother's Day!

  7. Okay so that swimsuit is to die for! I need to find a swimsuit (especially after I have our baby in a couple of months), and that seems like the perfect one! :)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  8. That suit is super cute! And good for you to buy white jeans! I always have my eyes on them when I see them on sale but always resist the urge to purchase them as I now they would never stay white with a 16 month old!!

    stopping by from the 5 on Friday linkup. Stop by!

  9. Loving that giant bag!! The bigger the better is my philosophy! :)

  10. Stopping by from the linkup! I'm so obsessed with those loft white cuffed white jeans. I saw them and immediately ran over to the website! HA. I see those in my future very soon! And I'm so with you on big bags. I only have one 6 month old baby girl but I still haul a crap ton of stuff!! It's like I don't know how to downsize!

    Stop by if you get a chance!

  11. Better a giant bag that's got some room leftover than a too small bad that's overstuffed! You made great summer wardrobe choices! Have a great weekend!

  12. i cannot wait to see you friend!!!! loving the new looks you found and i might have followed suit and got a few new frocks from old navy the other day, too! great sale for the low :)
    yall travel safe and I will see you next week OXOX

  13. Love all these finds. We're heading to the beach in a couple weeks, so I could use some great maxi dresses and a giant bag!


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