May 5, 2014

Things are Turning Around

  • DH is now sleeping better.  I think any TV viewing after about five o'clock was the culprit- just getting her overstimulated.  So much for our Friday movie and pizza nights. 
  • My stye on my eye mysteriously healed between Deeds' 1 AM and early morning feeding last night.  Hurrah!
  • I finally finished a work project that had been giving me absolute fits.
  • Deeds peed all over me while he was eating this morning, but at least I hadn't gotten out of my pjs yet.
  • I took advantage of Loft's 50% off sale and ordered a new pair of white jeans instead of freaking out about my normal ones' sudden inability to button (although have I really gained that much weight in a month?).
  • We took the kids out to dinner with a group Friday night.  My child was all over the patio (Dell Harper, not Deeds, obviously).  It was chaos, and I was glad that there were plenty of toddlers in attendance.
  • I had a friend's birthday dinner Saturday night- just girls.  It was wonderful!  Apparently diners were warning other tables about the "loud table".  Oops.  We don't get out much- there's nineteen children's mothers in this picture.
Okay, off to Jazzercise then work.  Hope your day is turning around too!


  1. Doesn't it seem silly when we (the general 'we') apologize for venting? I've always found that once you let all the BS out, even if I feel silly and whiny doing so, everything starts getting brighter. Glad things are looking up!

  2. Love a good night out with the girls. Glad you had fun. And three cheers for no more stye, better sleeping children and checking that project off your to-do list!

  3. Good looking group of Mama's! Hope today is lovely!

  4. 19? Wow - that's a lotta baby mamas! Glad to hear DH is sleeping better. And I think dining out with a toddler is a special kind of torture - we've all but stopped because it's just too hard!


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