May 19, 2014

Sandy Comparisons and the Emergency Room

First up, a little comparison.

 Deeds- May beach trip.

Dell Harper at the same age- May 2012 beach trip.

Well, they definitely are brother and sister. Ha! It's so fun having two who are exactly two years apart, but also dangerous- I don't want to fall into the comparison trap.  No harm in comparing those sweet little baby limbs and cheeks, though.

Miss Priss has been having the time of her life- outside water play plus constant Gigi and Graddy access means she is just thrilled to pieces.

 A little comparison of her on the beach last year.

 Hmm, we both seem to have expanded a bit.  She loves the beach this year.

"Hold my hand, Gigi!"

Now for the emergency room.  Saturday I took DH to the pool and playground while Mama stayed home with Deeds.  After swimming, we hit the playground pretty hard- it was much easier to play with a baby strapped onto me.  Anyway, I was running into the treehouse/fort type thing and forgot that the door was child sized.  I nailed the top of the doorway with the crown of my noggin and saw stars. Although I knocked myself down, I didn't lose consciousness, so decided to shake it off.  Ignoring my growing headache, I went about my business.  Then, yesterday morning, I woke up to find dried blood in both my ears. Hmm.  Not the best indicator of health.  My doctor suggested caution and a CAT scan, as one should not take head injuries likely.  So Mama watched Dell Harper, while Daddy and I loaded up Deeds for a little tour of the local hospital about 15 minutes away.

As you may have surmised from the tone of this post, everything is fine and my brain looked completely normal.  Obviously, CAT scans do not measure sleep deprivation (ahem, DEEDS), and we were all vastly relieved. The doc had no idea why my ears had dried blood in them, and suggested it might have been there prior to my crashing into a 5 foot high doorway.  Obviously he was not aware of my obsession with q-tip ear cleaning.  It's a daily ritual.

Anyway, the beach is lovely, and I am exhausted but happy. I forgot how tough a newborn at the beach can be- thank goodness for grandparents!  I'm starting to ramble and lose any semblance of coherency, so I will wrap this post of a thousand pictures and little substance up.


  1. Gorgeous, all of you! Glad your head injury wasn't too serious! eek.

  2. What a fun time at the beach! You all look great! I'm so sorry about the playground incident. I guess we mom's need to take our own advice and "be careful" when playing. I'm always the one telling my son to watch his head, but I'm usually the one hitting mine on things. Hope you're headaches have gone!


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