May 16, 2014

Five on Friday- What I'm Loving

Dell Harper decided to step in and provide the content for today's post, as I am rather groggy from Deeds' reaction to the loads of garlic-laden shrimp scampi I ate last night.

Dell Harper's Favorite Things (as told to Mama)

1.  Frozen
This is really the only thing I like all the time. I want to watch it every minute, but if our tv is broken (again, suspicious), I will settle for listening to the soundtrack on Mama's phone.  I make Mama read my Frozen book before every nap and bedtime.  It's super long and awesome.  I know when Mama skips any words because it's my favorite.  If we skip, we need to start all over to truly understand the narrative.

I love when Mama is trying to work on her computer, or looks super sleepy.  Then I throw a fit to watch "Fwozen Mooooo-veeee!!!!"" and normally the tv fixes itself really fast.

2.  Magic Bath Colors

These are magic. I play hard to get with taking my bath, but then I have to add as many of these magic bath color drops as I can grab.  I like to make my bath black with ALL the colors.  Mama talks some boring stuff about how they are expensive, and one at a time but whatever.  ALL THE COLORS!

3.  Fishies
I want to look at fishies and pet them.  I have to keep my hands to myself and not fall in water though. Me and Mama look at fishies in pond after Jazzercise, in our neighbor's pond on nature walks, and watched tadpoles in ponds at beach.  I asked the tadpoles to come to my house and play, but Mama said they have to stay in water.

4.  Big Pool
This is me eating fruit at the little pool.  I like to swim at the big pool, but Baby Deeds is salting my big pool game.  Luckily, Gigi came to the rescue and took me to big pool where I belong. I am a big girl. I went to swim lessons to prepare me for this opportunity. I'm really good and brave at jumping off the edge to Gigi's arms.  After Mama took Deeds home, Gigi even took my puddle jumper off so I could really jump. It my favorite.

5.  Frozen
Watch it AGAIN, MOMMY!!!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day filled with Frozen and fishies!


  1. hahaha this is too cute! Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

  2. So stinkin cute! I love that little sailboat skirt, too.

  3. Magic bath colors?! I need these for when A is bigger!

  4. Hahaha! She's quite clever and has very advanced computer skills!

  5. I'm certain there's some sort of toddler mind control in Frozen. It does not make sense how much my child loves that movie. She's like a little baby crackhead and Frozen is her fix. Damn Disney.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! i am loving this post...CC is about the same, except with The Little Mermaid and I am over watching Sebastian 2947585 times. And yes, that Crayola crap gets expensive when you have to buy it every time you venture to Target. P.S. both the girls have that same bathing suit so we best be getting a snapshot!!! I will text you once we get down and settled friend XOXO

  7. I really wish L would watch Frozen. She looooooves "Let It Go" but won't watch more than about 20 min of anything but that damn tiger. Maybe I need to try again... Is it terrible I've become a Screen Time Pusher? (Only when it's convenient for me, of course. Mom of the Year, woop!)

  8. We love the magic bath colors too. Although, who's great idea was it to add yellow? Hudson looks like he's swimming around in pee. Ha! The dollar spot had packets of 8 for $1. I grabbed a few to restock!

  9. Haha too cute! Where were those colored bath drops when I was growing up? That makes bath time so much more fun!


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