May 30, 2014

Five on Friday- Easing into Summer

So here is what is making our summer easy so far-

1.  Yard Dresses

So we are starting to get serious about potty training.  Bootcamp will start after vacation bible school next week, but action is happening.  Listening to my mama's advice, I got Miss Priss these darling long dresses from Target (buy one, get one 1/2 off).  She has been just wearing these with no diapers while we hang out at home (preferably outside).  

 Aren't they darling?   Find them here.  I want one in my size.  Anyway, I should have bought more, as there have been a lot of accidents so far.  Yesterday brought progress and some jelly bean dispensation though!

2.  Workout Shorts
These shorts looks super goofy in this picture, but they are so flattering on.  The bike shorts don't stick out as far from the over short as the picture.  I bought three pairs after realizing how practical and comfortable they are- especially for group fitness classes, when you don't feel like flashing everyone during floor work, yet also don't want to die of heat in capris.

3.  I mentioned this in my beach post, but we are in love with this playmat! My niece, Charlotte loves hers, but I didn't think I needed another activity mat.  I was wrong.  I love this one's less cumbersome size, and Deeds loves the the piano.  He kicks and kicks and kicks to make the music play.  I turned the sounds off to see if he realized he was making them with his feet.  He gave a kick, didn't receive the answering music and began to wail! Ha!  Anyway, he will spend a good 45 minutes on this thing without protest.  Worth its weight in gold!

4.  Rash guard- find it here.  Toddler play involves a lot of leaning over.  Even with a high SPF, my fair skin is just asking to get a bit crispy on the shoulders and back. Enter this rash guard- it's a great material that actually keeps me cool in the sun.  My skin is protected from the sun, and for vanity purposes, my wobbly bits are nicely covered.  It is pretty flattering- doesn't cling to all the mess around my middle.

Plus, I feel super sporty in it.  Like I would paddle board or some such nonsense.  Although, looking at this picture, I need to channel those athletic feeling into doing some squats.

5 .  POOL TIME!!

 Look at DH and her buddy SiSi at the pool yesterday!

Deeds got to hang out in the nursery with his birthday buddy, Wilson.  I started dying laughing when I walked in and saw these little guys chilling out. I took the advice of several friends today and put Deeds in the nursery while I hung with Dell Harper at the pool. Soooo much better for all parties.  I could focus on her, so it was far more relaxing from a safety perspective.  Deeds wasn't hot and grumpy in the sun, and instead got to be held and swung. Win-win.

Now, I just need to find the perfect spray sunscreen for toddlers who won't stay still, and my summer will be truly easier!  Any suggestions?

Thanks ladies for hosting the linkup!  I hope y'all all have a lovely weekend.


  1. I bought 2 pairs of shorts...and they were on sale! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Okay, I'm loving the rash guard. And you look amazing, sister!

  3. Thank you for the link to the Playmat! Ours refuses to play music any more, and I really need a "baby containment device" other than the swing (Brady hates the bouncer). And I am beyond jealous your pool has a nursery... I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out how I'm going to pull off taking both kiddos all the time by myself!

  4. And SS needs those dresses. Why don't you come here, and you can potty train SS and DH and I will hold Deeds!? Excellent plan. And we have a pool right outside the window.

  5. I love the rashguard! Despite not having toddlers to chase after, I think I still may pick one up. Looks like the perfect solution for my fair skin!

    Being able to take the kiddos to the nursery is SUCH an awesome option to have! Last summer, I would take my kiddos to the nursery while I relaxed and read a book at the pool for an hour or so, then go get them and take them out to the pool. Perfect "momma time"!

  6. Can you please give me the details on the rash guard? I would love to have one and I think white would go with all of my suits.

  7. I just got a rash guard from Old Navy--I don't like to mess around with sunburn, and I also feel that it looks great and very "sporty" like you said!

  8. I love those target dresses! And, good luck with potty training boot camp. It intimidates me!

  9. Yes, I love that rash gaurd!!! I may need one.

    And cute dresses for DH! My mom swears by potty training girls in the summer time with dresses. She has told me multiple times that she could never PT us in cold weather!

  10. I'm not sure what "wobbly bits" you're talking about, but I think you look great in your swimsuit! As for the kids sunscreen, I LOVE the California Babies Sunscreen Stick. I have fair boys with sensitive skin and it works very well.

  11. Thank you for the shorts rec!! I just got a pair at ON, but Target is more convenient :)

    Good luck with potty training, sending you virtual vino and caffeine and everything else you will need ;)

  12. Good luck with potty training, and love the target dresses!!

  13. You look awesome! Love the rashguard top! Does it get really dirty being white? Or turn yellowy with sunscreen? Just curious.

  14. Love this post! I am obsessed with my Lands End rashguards and even got my white one monogrammed but i must have gotten a goop of sunscreen on it b/c it has a yellow spot! BOOOOO. I'm going to try oxiclean today! and love the activity mat! I don't have it but looks like it is a must for baby #2!


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