Sep 4, 2014

Dealing with Dinner

I just haven't been feeling the kitchen lately.  Not like me- chalking it up to laziness/stress/lack of motivation to menu plan lately.  This week was an easy one- Monday night end of summer dinner at the pool, Tuesday night steaks at my parents' house, last night church, and tonight breakfast for dinner courtesy of the Fresh Market.  I always forget about their Thursday meal deals, and am just thrilled when it's something I want-

Done and done.  Now just to choose what kind of pancakes I want. . .

In other events of note-

Dell Harper got new shoes for school.
"My shoes like Daddy-shoes!  I love them!"

And Deeds likes hummus.  A lot.

And that's pretty much it.  My life is thrilling, is it not? Ha!

(Note, this post is in no way sponsored by the Fresh Market.  If they want to throw a free meal deal in my direction, that would be cool, but I just really love those meal deals!)


  1. Ah. Cutest kiddos ever! I love her new balances. SS is sporting some Saucony ones currently. I so wish we had a Fresh Market.

  2. I love Fresh Market. That meal deal sounds delish - now who's coming over to cook it for me? I'm afraid to say tonight's meal will be carried out of somewhere in a to-go bag.

    DH's pig tails kill me. Oh so cute. Blaire ONLY wants one braid "like Elsa!" right now. No piggies. And hummus covered Deeds - that cuteness melts my heart and makes me so excited to have a little boy in our house.

  3. Hummus Covered Baby is giving my ovaries a jolt this morning. They are both so scrumptious.

    I've been doing my menu planning and my shopping.... and then This Week... I get home from work and want dinner to be chardonnay, an Epsom salt soak, and PJs. What a doozy.

  4. Ooooo! So excited to hear a Fresh Market rave! I'm not familiar with them but one is opening in a few months within walking distance of us!

    DH looks ADORABLE in her NBs! I need to convince Leighton that does exist outside her Salt Waters and Mary Jane Crocs. Those Crocs will be the death of me...

  5. *that shoes do exist...* Grrrrrr

  6. DH's shoes! She is such a cutie.

    PS - I'll be at your house on Thursday for dinner.

  7. Brinner is a classic! But how have I not heard of these Fresh Market deals before?!


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