Sep 16, 2014


Do y'all ever feel like you are teetering on the edge of a complete nervous breakdown?  Hoping that's not just me.

Ha, Morgan is always reminding me that I need to give up stuff in order to rest more (or not have a mental breakdown).  Unfortunately, his suggestions veer more toward not volunteering as much, or not making people new baby dinners (i.e. productive things I also enjoy).  I was hoping to give up vacuuming or washing dishes or washing children or weeding or laundry.

We had a weekend full of parties-

A birthday party where the fire truck arrived!  Thrilling for all (although, it was a couple of the same firemen who rescued DH when I locked her in the car at the pool last summer. Luckily they did not remember/recognize me).

Deeds had a couple of parties this weekend as well.

Gameday babies at Charlie's first birthday!

DH wants to go to Leigh's house every day now, after her son, Carter's first birthday.  Baby pool and that Step 2 roller coaster?  She was in heaven.

 Toddler food at its finest!
Mama baby selfie.  I got into the action with a baby shower and watching the UGA and the UT games out at a friend's house, but of course I have no pictures of that.

Sunday night Dell Harper and I "made" star cookies. 

I tried rolling out a tube of slice and bank sugar cookies, and quickly realized this would not work out like I had envisioned.  However, she had a blast dumping sprinkles and playing with the dough (with clean hands).  The cookies were more lump like than stars, but they tasted good.
 We enjoyed them at the planetarium yesterday.  Just like Fancy Nancy in "Fancy Nancy See Stars".  When she someday questions my mothering skills, I will just remind her of the fact that I made star cookies and took her to the planetarium and she really liked me when she was two.
Hee. Dell Harper and Deeds exactly two years apart at 7 months and change.

Deeds new bag?  Crawling over to the coffee table, pulling up on his knees, removing every catalog and magazine, then chewing on the edge.  Said coffee table purchased for $20 on Craigslist,  and chalk painted by moi.  Probably not the best thing for him to be gnawing on, but once again, the reason I refuse to buy expensive things for the foreseeable future.

No wonder a nervous breakdown is imminent. Blogging break is over- time to pick up kiddos from school then get back to work (deep breath, deep breath).


  1. I have so much to say. The babes at 7 months! Precious! I love your stars/planetarium trip. What a good mama! How is the house?

  2. Borderline nervous breakdown - oh yes, well acquainted my friend. Hang in there! Your sweet littles couldn't be any cuter! And what fun mom you are!


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