Sep 24, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Can I tell y'all how much I love kids' birthday parties?  We are in a spurt right now where there are one or two every weekend.  I get to see my friends and Dell Harper is entertained by hers.  And she gets to eat cake.  And then she talks about said cake all week long until the next birthday.  It's Morgan's birthday this week, and she has told me that Daddy wants a princess cake with fairies and Sleeping Beauty and a crown on top.  Somehow I think that's a bit beyond my pastry chef skills.

Morgan was out of town Sunday on a guys trip to see a football game.  Dell Harper asked where her father was, and I replied that he went on an airplane to see a football game.  She replied "Is Daddy TV broken?  He can't watch football on TV?".  Preaching to the choir, sister! ;)  Anyway, we just had a frittata for dinner since I could not muster the energy to hit the grocery store.  Miss Priss was an excellent sous chef- beating the eggs-
 Grating (and eating) the cheese-
 I have memories of helping my mama in the kitchen, so seeing her pleasure in cooking just thrilled me to pieces!

 Um, who is this teenager-toddler laying on the couch in a pull-up talking on her pretend phone?  It just cracked me up.
 This little guy likes to eat!  Anything he can snag is getting in his belly.  Probably from all the moving and grooving.

 crawl crawl crawl crawl. pull up and chew on coffee table. crawl crawl crawl crawl.

 So back to the princess party.  Elsa and Anna came all the way from Arendelle to read the children a story and lead a sing a long.   I was having a brilliant idea of becoming Elsa as my alter ego, in order to make my toddler listen to my commands/become enthralled with my every move.  Then they starting singing in beautiful a cappella harmony, and I knew my plan would never succeed.

 Oh, the cuteness.  I followed the princess party up with a lovely baby shower, and finished up the day with some laryngitis, thanks to all the chit chat and ragweed.  I've never had allergies before, but I think I have now developed them.  Is this possible?  I am not in favor, not will I succumb to the indoors.  I know, I know, fall weather, pumpkin flavored everything, scarves, blah, blah.  I do like the weather though- highs of 80, low humidity, and a slight chill in the morning.  Lovely!

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