Sep 22, 2014

Fall Catalog Wishes

Now, with the new house and all, I am determined not to buy clothes.  At all.  Unfortunately, the lady of the house previously was a shopper. My mailbox is filled with catalogs every day, which is thrilling to my childhood self who would invent imaginary lives/make paper dolls and hoard catalogs.  To someone resisting shopping, it makes it tough.

For instance, Garnet Hill.  I'm seeing their clothes in a whole new light.   If I was to shop, I would like to own:

This dress- perfect black dress for fall and winter.  Plus it's machine-washable.

Or this one?  Coziness abounds.

This tunic:

Oh, and this dress, as well-

Then this quilted jacket from LL Bean is such a classic.

And I always need a good sailor shirt.

Um, then I just need to throw on some old jeans and these rain boots. Put a bow on it, baby.

The boots are from a British company called Joules- their kid stuff is adorable!  And too high-priced for my little terror.

Finally, I have an extreme crush on this super-chic understated coat from Banana Republic.

Oh, I can just imagine with my fun green dress from above and some red lipstick.  Watch out world.

But I must avert my eyes, and get back to reality and all the stuff I need for our house. And bills.  And responsibility. 

But, oooh, those coats.  It makes it tough to think about savings accounts when faced with coats on the cusp of fall.  Deep breaths and willpower, right?


  1. AMEN. Between my mailbox and my inbox, it's a minefield of temptation. Nevermind the fact that I can't currently fit into anything cute. The temptation to buy "for later" is alive and well. And now you have me wanting to dig the Garnet Hill catalog out of the recycling bin. The second photo sweater dress -LOVE. I would like a weekend somewhere chilly, some new boots, and that dress, please. I hope my fairy godmother is listening. And willing to babysit.

  2. I've been hunting for a drop waist shift and that green GH one is SO cute!

  3. i know a kids store that just so happens to carry joules :)
    let me know if you want something for miss dell harper to show off on the blog!!

  4. I feel the same way this fall....I have a major case of the "I wants!" but back to reality I go...

  5. I could not believe the Garnet Hill catalog when I stole it from my Mom. Those tunics just need to be $30 cheaper! Talbots has been shocking me too! #imgettingold


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