Sep 2, 2014


So I'm starting to get my head screwed on.  Thank the good Lord above that school is back in- working from home without it is a rather Sisyphean task.  I have had that anxious feeling in my tummy off and on for the last week or two.  I finally chalked it up to stress- my to-do list has overwhelmed me. I end up acting like a chicken with my head cut off and accomplishing nary a thing.

Crossing things off my list feels so good- I'm so guilty of adding things I've already done, just so I can cross them off.

So happenings-

Kiddos are lovely.

House is painted.

We had a fun housewarming/birthday celebration week before last.  Having just moved is quite freeing- it's like being in a bathing suit post-baby.  Perfect excuse to be a bit of a mess, right?

Babyled weaning is going swimmingly with Deeds.  It's just so much fun- he likes everything but avocados so far.

Other than that, things are just muddling along, getting into the school routine and socking up the last pool days.

The other night at Wednesday Night Supper, one of the cooks said that she could just fry up one of Deeds' juicy fat thighs like a piece of chicken and eat him up!  I completely agree.

Edited to add- this post was written over a week ago.  Then our internet and cable went out before I published it.  It's taken about a week to replace our squirrel-munched-upon line and get our cable back. A week of no-show appointments, multiple phone calls, and a lot of curse words.  All thanks to Morgan- I might not watch television much, but I do need my internet.  Especially with working from home.

Anyway, back to the to-do list.  At least I can cross off (half-hearted, mundane) blog-post off my list!


  1. That boy is always smiling! And how cute is big sister? I don't know how you do it, working from home with kiddos. You have my respect - that is no easy task! Glad your internet is back. A Samma update was much needed! Enjoy those school day hours.

  2. Those are just the sweetest babies! Deeds makes me smile! Hooray for school ;)


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