Jan 20, 2015


 This weekend we celebrated Deeds!  It was Baby-palooza- an (approximate) birthday celebration for Deeds and 7 of his best baby buds.

The pre-party sibling picture cracks me up- all the babies look mighty uncomfortable. "Help! A toddler/preschooler is holding me!"

Deeds does not like hats.  This is the bane of my existence while attempting to grocery shop during Polar Vortex.  Apparently, if you are a woman over the age of 70 you have specialized medical training.  Such training has been very adamant about the fact that lack of shoes or a hat will cause an immediate ear infection and/or bronchitis.  I have gotten informed this in the Kroger many times, along with effective dirty looks and loud mutterings about how I need to "put a hat on that baby!"  Hmmph.  My baby will bankrupt me in thrown/lost socks, shoes, and hats.  I can't control his hands at all times ladies!

I digress.

Anway, the party was laid-back and adorable.  The church gym was filled with a rollicking crew of two and under.

 "Baby Deeds!  Eat dat icing!  It's so tasty- you love it!"

 Step off my cupcake, MAMA!

 Deeds LOVES cake.  I am unsurprised.

Nor am I surprised he was the first one finished.  No morning nap, no problem.  Not when cupcakes are involved apparently.  Now he is super fired up for his actual birthday in two weeks.

Also of note- I made two batches of these little sausage muffins from Southern Living, and they were devoured.  Excellent and super easy!  Perfect for a party/brunch/shower.


  1. Deeds and his sissy are too cute! Love that lineup of babies in party hats. Looks like he'll be a pro at cupcake eating when his actual birthday arrives.

  2. Practice before the big game...that's the right way to tackle dessert right there!


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