Jan 2, 2015

Five on Friday- Christmas Joys

1.  Baby Deeds-Us

Deeds was a very wiggly and happy baby Jesus for the children's Christmas Eve service at church.  It was a chaotic mess, and I enjoyed every second.

2.  Christmas Eve gumbo-
I had a pot of gumbo and a pot of rice warming in the oven, so everything was ready to serve when we got back to our house after church.  Easy, delicious and stress free.

 3.  Santa!

 "A dinosaur with the feet that move", a Skyway, and a Laugh and Learn car.  Santa did right by these kiddos.

 4.  Power Wheels!

 My father (who is a car-dealer) has been anticipating the moment to give a Power Wheel to a grandchild the minute I found out I was pregnant with DH.  I was so excited, thinking of DH's love of power wheels she's played with a birthday parties.  I could not stop thinking about how she would love her mind when she got one, and imagining how thrilled she would be to drive it in circles around the driveway chasing Buddy, just like I had the Christmas when I got my Power Wheels Jeep.

She was terrified.

Absolutely refused to get into the thing and drive it.  So I took a turn first.  It moves a little slow with me and my solid toddler in my lap. . .

I'm getting one of her little boy friends to come over when it clears up and give her some driving lessons.  She better like this thing, or else!  Ha!

 5.  Christmas Blues

I took pictures of my kids losing their collective minds Christmas witching hour.  I had nothing left.  In their defense, ear infections, over-excitement, and exhaustion had taken their toll.  After a good night's sleep, a stronger dose of antibiotics, and a little quiet time, happy faces returned.  Thank the Lord.

I was glad everyone was back up to snuff, because we beat the post-Christmas let-down with a Boxing Day party- more on that Monday.

Happy New Year to all!

Thanks for hosting the link-up Five on Friday ladies!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Baby Deeds as Baby Jesus! I love it!

    Also, I love your Gumbo recipe and this reminded me that I need to make it again! Mmm!

    Happy new year!


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