Jan 23, 2015

Five on Friday- Favorites

Okay, I'm typing up this post the night before, to be on top of my Five on Friday game.  Organized, right?  Yes, but. . .I've been at girl's night.  Wine has been consumed.  Blog will be rife with typos.  Disregard both typos, and wine-induced candor.

Anywhoo, here are some stuff that I have been enjoying of late-

1.  Party Pants:

I bought a couple pairs of these workout leggings at Target a few weeks ago, and get more compliments on them.  Ignore the terrible Target website picture, and run to your store.  They're in the Mossimo section, NOT the exercise clothing section.  But, they are exercise pant material.  Confusing.

Here's the link-

2.  Grainiac Bread
Bread is a bit of a battle ground at our house.  I buy Ezekial bread, and feel virtuous while chewing (and chewing, and chewing).  Morgan complains about the weird bread that stays in the freezer, and longs for "whole-wheat" fakery.  Enter Eureka bakery- I found this at the Kroger a couple months ago, and am hooked.  It has a similar nutritional profile to my hippie bread, yet is shelf stable, and has a more  traditional sliced bread consistency.  (Am I making sense?  It's getting late).
Dell Harper asked for "dat black bread" the other day when I tried to pawn off some leftover white bread from a recipe.  I knew I had indoctinrated her well then.

3 and 4.  New Rugs
Okay, excuse both the quality of these pictures and the general sloppiness of my rooms.  I'm dashing about in my pajamas snapping pictures before Morgan notices what in the hell I'm doing.

I got all hopped up on Ebay at the beginning of this month, and bid on a couple of Persian rugs.  Lo and behold, I won both of them!  They were excellent prices (cheaper than Pottery Barn or Overstock), beautiful quality- exceeded my expectations for sure.  Thank goodness- they were from the same seller, and I must admit being a touch nervous.

This looks really wonky from this angle.  The seagrass rug underneath has stretched and is slightly off.  My hurried photography makes it look more off.  Ignore.

5.  Paintings
Thank y'all so much for all the kind comments on yesterday's post.  I haven't painted this much in such a long time.  I've gotten into palette knife painting, and am having the most fun doing it.

I need to learn how to take pictures of my work- especially the abstracts.  The glare is not doing any favors to my attempts at art.

So, that's always an option when you are trying to build up an art collection.  Watch some tutorials online, buy some canvases and some acrylics, and get cracking!

Thanks for wading through my ramblings, and thanks as always to the Five on Friday ladies!


  1. I love this wine-y post! I can just picture you stealthily running about the house snapping photos. I'm cracking up. You just let us know when you start selling that gorgeous artwork. I need a Samma original in my house.

  2. Blah aha! Did Morgan bust you? I dig the colors in the rug and I need a Samma painting!!


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