Jan 22, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday

  • I have been reading/audiobook listening a lot lately.  Finally got to "Where'd You Go, Bernadette?", which I loved, especially as I have a major soy spot for novels written in the epistolary style.  Also listened to a bunch of JoJo Mayes, which I had avoided based on the descriptions, yet also really enjoyed.  Currently listening to "All the Light We Cannot See", which inspires me to re-think how I use language.   It's simply beautiful.   However, I do have to take frequent breaks, as it's not the lightest of subject matter.  Also, I wish I was reading it as opposed to listening, as I find flashbacks/flash forwards difficult to follow while listening.

  • All this audiobook listening is because I have been quite the worker bee lately.  Productivity- cooking dinners, cleaning house, getting work done, painting furniture, and painting lots of canvases.

I decided to mix up my dining room a bit, and switched my botanicals for an abstract and folk-arty church.  They're not perfect, but fun and a great outlet/hobby.   I'm taking a painting class this spring, and am really excited to learn more.

This is because I have no television I currently enjoy.  Thank goodness Parks is back for its final season, along with my guilty pleasure, Hart of Dixie.

  • I'm chalking all this productivity up to being able to exercise again- Jazzercise is back and the boot is gone.  Begone, flab!  Seriously, my energy levels are waaaaaayyy up.  The sunshine of the last few days has helped as well.  Yesterday I think I wore my kids out! Jazz, nap/play, zoo, naps, church supper and my Bible study.  They turned down a pre-dinner visit to the library.  Sheer laziness, I suppose.
Anyway, we are thrilled to get outside!

That loamy smell of earth just gets my heart thumping!  I cannot wait to start planting and get my hands just filthy.  That feeling of physical ache and dirty limbs after a long afternoon of weeding, pruning, and planting? It's a deep satisfaction that connects my soul to the earth and to God.  And, oh, how I miss it during the dark days of winter.

So when I start rhapsodizing over the joys of gardening while getting a whiff of mulch walking through a parking lot, feel free to let your eyes glaze over and your mind wander. . .I will wrap it up eventually, I swear.

Thanks to East Coast Chic and Home of Malones for hosting the link-up, and getting my blogging brain working (somewhat).. . 


  1. I am itching to do some house projects. I am so thankful for the sunshine this week too!! I love your church painting! xx

  2. Wow look at you busy lady! I'm so impressed by your painting skills! They're beautiful!

  3. I absolutely LOVED "All The Light We Cannot See" -- I actually cried when it was over because I was so upset that there wasn't anymore of the story. Share your thoughts once you're done!

  4. Love your writing and this post is just another reason why!

  5. The canvases you painted are beautiful! You're talented, my friend! I'm happy Parks is back too. I'll be sad when it's over. I'm currently reading All The Light We Cannot See but I'm not making much progress. My only reading time right now is my 3ish am feeding and my brain is not nearly with it enough to digest that beautiful language at such an hour. I may have to put if off a bit longer until I get more rested brain cells to devote to it. If you run out of spaces to grace with your decorating and gardening talents, you feel free to take that show on the road to my house. It could use your touch!

  6. What an inspiring talent. I need to just buy some supplies and try my hand at it. Do you have a favorite line of painting products or just a collection as you've gone along?

  7. You are inspiring me to dust off my acrylics! I have several small blank canvases that I purchesed for the kids' rooms that are still untouched. Your work is lovely!

    Please read The Descent. I finished it yesterday and the language is so lyrical -- really different style for such a classic thriller plot.

    I'm super impressed by all you manage to do with the kiddos at home. Leighton is a great independent player and of course she goes to school, but Brady is really cramping my productivity style. His naps are so erratic and he just gets into EVERYTHING. He doesn't want to play in any sort of play yard, and, while he'd be more than happy to play in the same room as L, she beats up on him enough that I don't feel like I can focus much attention anywhere else. Ack!

    Sorry. That turned into a personal rant there at the end.

  8. I'm jealous of your sunshine!! We had about an hour of sun this week in Indiana - kinda wanted to run semi-nude down the street.

  9. Oh my gosh, you are SO talented! I love your art!


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