Feb 10, 2015

Day in the Life (Part 1)

Kate recently did a Day in the Life post, and I felt very inspired (i.e. copied her brilliance).  Get ready for an exciting glimpse into my life. Or an exercise in mundanity.  Expect a lot of detail, as I am writing this while eating pretzel Goldfish and watching Hart of Dixie.  While avoiding laundry and kitchen cleaning- drawing this sucker out, yo.

Anyway, this is last Wednesday, with both kiddos at home at all day.
I awake in DH's bed, where I apparently fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning cuddling Miss Priss.  I convince her to play in her room a bit longer so I can stay horizontal a little longer.  Any tips of a former good sleeper, who now either wakes up screaming scared or arrives in our room to sleep (at which point I am too tired to care).

Once we make our way downstairs, she gets some milk and get my sole Diet Coke of the day.
Imagine a halo above it and angels singing.  That's how I feel.

DH "needs to watch a little Peppa" and munches on some cereal and a banana.  This little guy wakes up and I get him dressed, while eating a protein bar.

Deeds investigates my bathroom drawers while I put on a touch of concealer to look alive.
I mean, bed head and some blush is about all I can muster.
Morgan heads off to work, I make the bed, and pick up while the kids finish their breakfasts and play.

We head to Jazzercise.  Before you laugh, remember- 600+ calories a class, people!  And free child care.  Can't be beat.

Dell Harper and Deeds love the nursery, which is wonderful.

Here's my spot- middle right.  I was totally creeping around taking these pictures, by the way.  Such a blogging weirdo.
This is the back- there's a lot of jazz-loving ladies in town- college gals to the elderly gals.
After my exercise we hit up open gym at Gymbugs for "me and Deeds' exercise too!" as DH puts it.
Then Chick-fil-a, because I'm just hitting up all the SAHM cliches this day, apparently.

Yep, workout, open gym, then Chick-fil-a- I'm sure you are just teetering on the edge of your seat. After a salad for me, applesauce, nuggets, and a communal fry, we head home.

Miss Priss plays with her magnet/coloring book, while I put Deeds down.

During the quiet, I try to tackle laundry.
Buddy assists.

Boo.  I am interrupted by the arrival of my dear daughter covered in marker.  Hmmm. Instead of a midday bath, I throw both of us in the shower.  
So fresh and so clean, she plays with sand while I get dressed in actual clothes to celebrate my unexpected and unprecedented non-sweaty, non-snot or drool covered status.
Watch out world!  I answer a few work e-mails, and attempt the laundry pile again.
But this little guy wakes up.  And has a snack.

Then we pack up and hit the library.

New books!  Joy!  We have been hitting up the smaller branch near church, which is a little bit more friendly to a crawling baby. He who will not be contained.

Then we head to Wednesday night supper at church, where Morgan meets us.  He takes Deeds home to bed while Dell Harper and I stay- she gets to watch a movie and have a "cool snack" with the rest of the kids (so basically the greatest thing ever for her), and I go my Bible study.
Then back to where we started the day- cuddled up in her bed, reading our new books.

I'm dying to tackle these, but I have to do my nightly ritual.
Vacuum, pick up toys, clean kitchen, finish that nagging pile of laundry (all of these things that I am currently avoiding doing while typing up this never-ending post), answer any e-mails or texts I neglected during the day.
Then finally, I get in my pjs and watch recorded Parks and Rec and Mindy Project with Morgan.  After that it's bed and my book (pretty good so far, I'm losing interest in the middle, however).

Although mundane, it was a great day.  No major meltdowns, no potty-accidents, just a lovely little day with my family.

I'm trying to think of something to add so I can start watching Empire instead of packing lunches and folding laundry.  But I got nothing.  Get ready for Part 2 tomorrow!  In which the kids go to school, and I work.  More excitement to come, ha!


  1. I love these posts! Not mundane at all -- very interesting in fact! Looking forward to tomorrow's post!

  2. That is bedhead?!? You have magic hair. Is it just me or does exercise post-kids sound like a vacation, whereas it used to be a dreaded chore? I mean hypothetically, of course, as I haven't exercised in FOREVER. CFA and the library sounds like a pretty great day.

  3. I love these posts. I think they are neat! I must ask, where is the makeup kit from?

  4. I love any post in which my brilliance is mentioned ;) In all seriousness, I adore DITL posts because I'm a major creeper my nature! Do all jazzercize classes have free childcare? I need to do some research....

    And I agree with Melissa... I covet your bed head!


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