Feb 12, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday

  • I have a mountain of things to accomplish tonight (this post was written Wednesday night), yet I just spent 45 minutes figuring out what I'm ordering for the kids at a clothing show tomorrow, and now I am blogging.  There you go, readers.  Priorities.

  • The clothing show is my friend Colleen's company- Little Hoot Designs.  She runs it with her mom, and their stuff is awesome!!  Perfect play clothes, reasonably priced, yet adorable.  You can check out their stuff here- https://littlehootdesigns.wordpress.com.  That's DH's model face above.  Deeds digs it, too.

  • Speaking of children's clothing- the summer Garnet Hill catalog came, and I am just dying for some of those swimsuits for myself.  Unfortunately, I believe the days of fitting into a child's 14 are long, long gone.

  • Have I told y'all about watering DH's milk? Ha, my friend Holly (hi, Holly!) and her husband found the outcome of my scheme amusing.  I moved from putting a splash of water in her wippy cups, to the point where I got to a splash of milk and almost all water.  We love this milk from a local dairy called Cruze Farm (look it up, it's kind of famous).  Anyway, the milk is pricey.  And delicious.  So, so delicious.  So I was saving probably 12 dollars a week with my new cost cutting measure.  Also, she was eating a lot more actual food instead of filling up on milk (my original purpose with the watering of the milk).  Unfortunately, Morgan was not quite aware of the water to milk ratio, nor was he quite down with my milk rationing scheme.  Once she got some full-strength milk, my girl wised up quickly.  Now she asks for "milk with no water, please".  I'm sure her babysitters think she is quite strange.

  • I am so ready for warm weather.  I went to a speaker on herb gardening on Tuesday.  She was talking about how nice it is to have a big ole glass of mint water while you are out working in your garden and all hot and sweaty.  I lost focus for about ten minutes just fantasizing about working in my yard and being sweaty.

  • I just began reading James Farmer's book A Time to Plant. (my gardens are fueling my dreams right now).  I loved this passage so much-

Preaching to the choir, James.  

So now it's time to get cooking- making a bunch of baby/moving/not feeling great dinners for folks.  

I'm off to get cracking, but here's some gratuitous cute pictures of my children (warning, warning, mommy blog alert).
 SWINGING! When can we go back outside?
 Before PJ day at school.  The runny noses are KILLING me, Smalls.
Hee.  Church clothes.  Saddle shoes were swapped out for tennis shoes for playtime.

Thanks to East Coast Chic and Home of Malones for hosting the linkup!

Thoughts for Thursday


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