Feb 3, 2015

Turtle Power!

So we had a big weekend. First birthday party for Miss Priss, who turned 3 (!) and Deeds got to eat lots of cake for turning one.
I tried to find the girliest TMNT invite I could- yay for Etsy!

 The ubiquitous and much beloved bounce house.  I went with an obstacle course, which was a big hit.
 Look at my girl's hair!  The bow was immediately discarded after a couple of turns through the obstacle course.  "My hair looks good plain, Mom". Can't argue with that, although I will argue with the use of "Mom".  I have a friend who refuses to answer to his girls when they use the moniker Dad versus Daddy.

Anyway, although I refrained from labeling it something cute like "Sewer Ooze" (I longed to print up a darling little label, friends, but, alas, the children cannot read), the green Hawaiian punch was a favorite.

 Pizza, coloring and dollar store decor, what more could the two to five set want?

 Poor baby brother- having to celebrate his sister's third birthday on his first- at least he got to hang with his Pop Pop all day.

 Check out that gorgeous tablescape, courtesy of a mad last minute dash through the dollar store.  Mardi  Gras decorations work surprisingly well for a TMNT party.

 "It's dee purple one!  I love dat guy!"

 Deeds is ready for cake.

 My children enjoy cake.  So do I, my little ones.

40 preschoolers, tons of foam nun chucks, inflatable swords, and treat bags later, I was ready to nap.

 This one was still raring to go- showing off her Ninja Turtle shoes (which she also wore with her smocked dress and tights to church the next day).

There was little time to rest, as we had this little guy to celebrate next!

Deeds luckily did not mind that the cake was left over.  He was just thrilled to be eating cake (again).  I can't believe he is one.  I'm having a bit of a "time, please stop!" moment, which rarely happens.  He's just so cute and fun- I could hang out in this stage for a good long while I think.

So that's it- a church gym, massive inflatable thing, lightweight weaponry, and child size tables make for a delightful time if you are three.  And a pretty entertaining diversion if you are 33.  That gladiator style obstacle course was pretty fun- I would be down with one of those at the gym.  Maybe I will invent a new workout-

"Three. A revolutionary way to get in shape and have fun in just twenty minutes a day.  Includes bouncing, running away from people attempting to dress you, and throwing fits when your parental servant gives you juice instead of milk.  An easy and simple dietary plan consisting of jam licked off toast, crackers, fruit cut very specifically to match your ideal body shape, and an occasional bite of cheese.  Pilfered suckers are also allowed."

I think I will make millions.

So, I probably should wrap this up before y'all steal any of my genius ideas or before my ramblings begin to make even less sense. . .I'm off to have a little slice of leftover banana chocolate chip cake.


  1. Looks like a totally tubular birthday celebration to me!

    Have you heard of the new cardio trampoline studios? They are pretty much kiddie trampoline gyms... but with more beefy instructors yelling at you and less gumball machines. They look pretty fun and we have some out in the 'burbs here, but I refuse to drive 30 minutes one way for a workout. A really good cupcake, yes... a workout, no.


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