Feb 24, 2015



  •  There is allegedly school today.  I made lunches.  It better happen.

  • We have been cooped up for over ten days now, and things are starting to get a bit dicey.  I added to my exorbitant baby-sitter bill as of late and called in a high school sitter reinforcement yesterday so I could sneak off to Panera and actually work.  I had the lentil quinoa broth bowl.  It was okay. . . felt like I was eating an amalgam of trendy power food words.
  • Babysitters were present both nights of this past weekend, and have been called for Thursday-Saturday evening of this coming weekend.  It's quite a social February apparently.  We had a great Friday night at an annual black tie party (and a wretched, worn Saturday morning).

Devil eyes and sorority squats.
  • SNOT.  I cannot take any more snot.  I am so sick of snail trails across my clothes where one of my adorable children rubs their slick faces against my body.  Shudder.  I noticed Deeds' snout has finally dried up yesterday, but the downside of school being back in is that the drip-drip-drop shall return tomorrow afternoon.

  • I got the dress above from Dillard's accidentally, thanks to their draconian return policy.  I picked up a few dresses when I went a couple weeks ago to find something for a previous black-tie event.  Above was a favorite, but not the one, so I planned on returning it.  It was on sale (ended up being about $35), so the saleslady informed me I had THREE (3!) days to return the sale items.  Okay, tough, but doable.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday- Monday morning I went in to return the dresses.  Nope.  SEVENTY TWO HOURS.  That's all I had.  So, Sunday  night when the mall was not open is when my deadline expired.  IRRITATING, DILLARD'S.  Not good customer service.  Luckily I ended up using the dress, it was not expensive and I got a load of compliments.  Flattery will get you everywhere. Still, 72 hours?  

  • In more exciting news, my Amazon order finally arrived, (4 days late, thanks to the winter weather), which included an Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File!  I am unduly thrilled about trying this out.

This is what makes me happy after 12 days that included only 6 total hours of alone time.  As my college friends will attest, I need my personal time and space.  It's been a long, long UNlonely winter, little darlings.

My only words are of the four letter variety.  Excuse my while I sob into the frozen, school-less tundra.


  1. Oh I hope the sun sines down on you out there today and you can get a school day STAT! Thank goodness for sitters who are willing to brave the snow, right? :)

  2. Arrrghhhhhhh << on your behalf. Stay strong mama!!

  3. can't believe I'm going to comment on a foot file............ :) My husband bought that thing for me at Christmas. I normally use a dremel drill and he finds it disturbing. Ruling is............. dremel drill is still the best lol.

  4. You are my hero. I'm only on Snow Day #2 and I'm already eating leftover birthday frosting out of a can to cope. I am a true Winter Pansy.

  5. oh lord... i HEAR you and wish we were having cocktails ALONE together... i am over this horrid winter crap with sickness and nonsense and no MDO... can we please go to the beach?? and P.S. i am SO excited to see how that pedi thing works!!!

  6. Can you update us on the foot roller thing? I think I need that! ;)

  7. I don't even have kids (yet) and I had a breakdown due to the artic weather we've had! Hang in there Momma! Champagne and OJ might help ;)


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