Feb 11, 2015

Day in the Life (Part 2)

I know you have been waiting with bated breath, so I will dive on in.

Dell Harper wakes me up.  She settles in for her cartoon and some milk, while I frantically make lunches. (PB crackers, carrots and strawberries for DH; toast strips with hummus, strawberries and cheese for Deeds).  Normally this is done the night before, but I forgot and am therefore feeling quite harried.  Routine is important to me.  Otherwise I forget things. Lots of things.
This little fella wakes up, and Morgan gets him dressed and ready.  Deeds helps me pack lunches by eating  (generic, organic, yuppie mom) Cheerios, and generally being adorable.
And he's off! Note the laundry still on the kitchen table.
Time to annoy big sister who is still waking up and needs a little space.
Chaos ensues.

I give the pesky little brother a squeeze and Morgan takes him to school.  DH and Deeds are in different MDO/Preschool programs this year, because you have to be 18 months to start at DH's school.  Next year, Deedser.

I (blearily) drop DH off, then hit a multitude of errands- bank, World Market for some baskets, DSW to return shoes, and a quick run to Target.
This is the view from the bank- always perks up my day.  Anyway, with children in tow these errands would have consumed approximately 3 hours of my time.  Solo?  I get it done in just over an hour.

Then I return home and work.  That's drafting boring legal documents, so just put your imagination on the boring setting and run with it. (Although, I truthfully enjoy it, and don't find it tooooo boring.)

Lunch break!  For about 20-30  minutes I answer emails, read blogs, eat a pimiento cheese and turkey sandwich, and watch a bit Hart of Dixie.

Buddy gives me this face, so I pile him in the car with me to pick up the kids from school (and just like that the morning is gone, sigh.  How can the hours from 4:30-7 be so long, and 9-1:30 so fast?).

Dell Harper and I hit up Earthfare for some random items, including a pizza for their dinner with the babysitter the next night (whoop!).
We pick up Deeds.  They both have become randomly obsessed with this mini-staircase in the church where his MDO is located.  Way too much time is spent on this activity.  Luckily, I have my secret weapon, Buddy, in the car.  His presence spurs them to get a move on, and we hit the road.
I don't know why Dell Harper looks like LL Cool J here.

We get home, I put Deeds down for his nap, get out DH's Amazing Sand (allegedly mess-free), and begin organizing our garage entry-way with the previously-procured baskets from Cost Plus World Market.  This is a huge improvement, and I am pleased.

Until Deeds starts wailing and failing his nap entirely.  I go back up to deal with him.  On the way downstairs, having accomplished nothing, as he is wailing even louder, I am greeted by Dell Harper.  She is a bit giddy, yet a little nervous.  This is not a good sign.  Trailing behind her on the stair runner and clumps of sand.
Then I see the source.

I then did what is known in the common parlance as losing my shit.  Before you think I am treating my nascent three-year too harshly, please note that she knows the rules with the sand.  Namely it does not leave the kids' table or preferably, its tray.  Plus, I have no idea how to get this out of her hair.  It is embedded, determinedly clinging to every wispy strand.

She gets put in the shower, as I hope the force of the water will get this damn stuff out.  DH is wailing (she rarely gets in trouble, so when she does, it's the end of the world, dramatic sob), and I can hear Deeds still crying.
I long to hide in my studio (aka the dining room) and play with paint, and not be responsible for anyone or thing.  This feeling passes per usual once order is restored.

Sensing the need to take a break from my dependents, I scrap dinner making plans, and pack everyone up for my happy place.

Time for Jazz.

 Who knew a ratty old church gym could bring so much happiness and reduce so much stress.

For dinner we meet Morgan at DH's favorite fine dining establishment- S&S Cafeteria.
 Someone is getting tired of the exhaustive photographic evidence needed for a DITL post.

She's all over the place, and Deeds is losing it because he did not nap.  Generally, its a dinner to send one's stress hormones flying all about the place.  Luckily all the elderly people find the children adorable and charming regardless, and the other families are quite frazzled themselves.

Morgan leaves early with Deeds to get that little monster in bed, and I hustle DH home, and read books at top speed.

I survey my closet, realize I have nothing to wear to this black-tie thing we have the following night.  Morgan is on a work call, but I manage to nab his attention, let him know he's in charge, and I head for a late-night trip to the mall.  Wild and crazy.

I nab this dress from Dillards (not on their website) in black and white stripes, with a hot pink border at the bottom. (note- it's Eliza J, $138, and I got a TON of compliments on it.  Kate Spade look at a quarter of the price?  Yes, please!)

 Since I'm feeling very sorry for myself, I also buy these actual Kate Spade earrings.  Overtired children pity parties are not good for my bank account.  Thankfully, they are few and far between.

I come home, show off my purchases, work a touch on this painting, then fall gratefully into my lovely, lovely bed.  Oh, how I miss it during the day!

And what a perfect way to end this post, since it's past ten and I'm ready to dive into my bed right now.


  1. Your paintings are beautiful! You're so talented! Seriously wishing we had a MDO somewhere here. Did the sand come out easily in the shower? I've been considering buying some, but I'm a little afraid.

  2. oh my mama... i'm exhausted!!!! you packed a full day in--GO FRIEND!!!! loving that painting you're working on and that "mess free" sand... HAHAHA! and you scored major points in jeff's cool point book as he LOVES S&S too


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